Sunday, July 22, 2012

Nekkid Potstickers Bring Asian Comfort to Low Carb and Paleo Lovers

Low Carb Potstickers served with Low Carb Chicken Lo Mein
are soy free, sugar free and healthy.
What on earth can we eat on low carb? Navigating through the mine fields of food selection can be tricky for those of us following a low carb or Paleo lifestyle. It’s difficult enough in the grocery store, but dining out makes food choices and food selections even harder.

You might “think” you’re adhering to special low carb or Paleo limits, but because the restaurant may add ingredients of which you might be unaware, it makes dining out dicey.

Making good food choices while dining out gets even harder when expanding your palette to include cuisines with exotic flavors and flare, such as Asian foods. And on top of all that, when you add other health needs such as thyroid disorders, type 2 diabetes or cancer recovery, food selection becomes a very windey, very narrow, steep path - uphill.

For instance, take this edict I received upon the successful completion of treatment for