Thursday, September 20, 2012

Easy Asian Dino Wings a Perfect Weeknight Supper

Dino Wings - all the flavor of wings, 10 times the size, 1/10th
the cost!
 You had me at easy. But now you're just talking trash by callin' these cheap...

Full Recipe: $5.35
Per 2 Leg serving: $0.90 each

I asked you guys to vote on your next post here on Fluffy Chix Cook. The majority voted to do Chile Rellenos, but one of the last comments struck a chord. The person mentioned that I had been concentrating on Tex-Mex too much.

Now, for a Texan those are fightin’ words. You could almost lose your card-carryin’ status if you were to say something that heretical. A Texan is born and raised on Tex-Mex and if you don’t eat it at least twice a week your tummy will think your throat’s been cut. And that craving doesn’t ease if you leave the state, either. You will miss and pine for Tex-Mex and the specific essence of Texana the rest of your life.

Kitchen Sink Chile Rellenos - Low Carb Tex-Mex Goodness

Hard to believe Chile Rellenos are Low Carb

Low Carb Oven - Roasted Kitchen Sink Chile Rellenos
taste perfectly sinful!
Well kiddy troopers, I solved the dilemma of which comes first the Asian Dino Wing or Kitchen Sink Chile Rellenos by publishing these two post simultaneously! Crafty!

I will try to get back to post more images on how to make these, but I’m pretty pressed for time right now. It’s likely you will not see me much over the next couple of weeks. I’m having the first of 3 to 4 reconstructive surgeries starting next Tuesday. The first surgery will be a big one at somewhere around 7-8 hours long. They will be taking 2 muscles from my shoulders and implanting them into my chest wall so that there is living muscle capable of holding up my implants. I don’t have any muscles left cuz they took it all