Friday, April 22, 2011

5 Tried And True Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs

Ah Leftover Easter Eggs - We All Got 'Em - Whaddawe Do With 'Em?

SusieT and the whole dern Gibbs clan - Easter 1965

So many of us have our family traditions for feast days and they often relate to childhood and what our folks made. And we make the same things year in and year out as part of tradition! Easter at our house was always a brunch and almost always involved ham or some charred offering from the barbeque, if Daddy was cooking. Daddy was a fan of brown food too, just like me! Maybe I inherited that gene – the brown gene!

I'm not even gonna try to compete with your family memories and traditions. Nope. "Not gonnah," in the words of 41. (He and Bar live here in Houston btw, if you will allow me to name drop, and my BIL saw him at the drugstore one night - I think they were both there for the Nyquil. It was cold n flu season after all.)