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Fluffy Chix Low Carb Menus
Fluffy Chix Cook a blue streak. And part of making this low carb diet successful and sustainable long term is learning to create old favorites and comfort foods in new low carb ways. So we cook!

This menu section is a personal experiment - an ongoing account of what goes down Fluffy Chix Pie-hole, er, I mean down mah beak!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think! Feel free to heckle me or route for progress. I LOVE comments!!! Did I mention, comments make me giddy?

(Oh and I currently follow a low carb, mostly paleo (budget permitting - using up old pantry stores, etc...) way of life with only a few detours for scenic value and screw-ups. After 12 years and Stage IIIC Breast Cancer, I still experience screw-ups and sometimes make bone-headed choices, for which there are ALWAYS consequences!

Oh yeah, I also throw intermittent fasting into the mix every other day, using the Johnson Alternate Day Diet as a guide. And I fast on Friday's for religious reasons and make each Friday a meatless day.

On DD (Down Days), I intermittent fast from 10pm or earlier the night before, through 6pm or later on the DD. DD calories are also limited to 500kcals maximum. I do not always input UD (Up Day) calories into Fitday, although I do track what I eat in a food log. So sometimes you'll see them and sometimes you won't depending on my energy levels. Oh and MD (Medium Days) are used when I need to switch my UD/DD rotation schedules. A MD is the average of the UD/DD calories.

I choose to do an alternate day type of fasting because there appears to be current evidence that alternate day caloric restriction is beneficial in these specific areas that are problems for me:

1. Cancer - IF appears to help kill or control the spread of cancer.
2. Asthma - IF appears to help control asthma and I'm living proof of that! It really helps my asthma!
3. Parkinson-Altzheimer's-Movement Disorders - Protein Restricted Intermittent Fasting may help control disease progression for neurologic disease.
4. T2 Diabetes - Insulin Resistance and Blood Sugar Control - IF appears to help reduce blood sugars.
5. Weight Loss - IF appears to help reduce BMI through weight loss.

So yeah, Winner Winner Intermittent Fasting - Johnson's Alternate Down Day Diet Dinner!

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  1. Thanks so much for a detailed description of your diet. I'm totally new and have seen the DD and MD remarks but was unknowledgable. This can be of interest to me because I have maybe the beginning stage of dementia. Something to think about. Linda


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