Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Atkins Induction Day 7 - Lucky Leftovers Rule!

Lucky Leftovers = BBQ Pulled Chicken and Cheese
Open Face Sandwiches with tomato and red onion
and Turnips Greens with Ham in Potlicker
Leftover Jalapeno Cheese "Corn" Muffins can be
make Induction-friendly and are winners!
Remember the Jalapeno Cheese "Corn" Muffins from
Day 1 of Atkins Induction?
I hear a lot of people grousing about “having to eat leftovers.” A friend’s hubby is very vocal about eating leftovers (or rather, NOT eating leftovers.) But learning to love leftovers is in your best interest. It’s convenient, saves food loss, saves electricity and labor time cuz you can cook once and eat many times, and it helps you adhere to your eating plan. In short, leftovers are “no brainers.” In fact, we love and depend on them so much, I call them “lucky leftovers.”