Sunday, January 12, 2014

Atkins Induction Day 11 - A Newbie's Guide to Meal Planning!

Well whaddayaknow! We DO eat salads during Atkins Induction!
When you first start out on Atkins Induction, meal planning may feel daunting. How do you count carbs? How do you know you won’t run out too soon? How do you know WHAT to eat!? Oh my! Intimidating! You only have 20g of Net Carbs during Atkins Induction? As I’ve demonstrated on my fasting days (not part of Atkins Induction), it’s easy to eat 20g of net carbs in a single meal! The CHALLENGE is figuring out how to spread those carbs over an entire day – 3 meals and possibly snacks if you need them!

Venison Meatloaf Makes a Great Atkins Induction Dinner!

Venison Meatloaf - a GREAT Atkins Induction Meal
I love windfalls. Completely unexpected, we were blessed this week with a windfall of epic proportions! A friend brought us a package of ground venison, some venison backstrap, and wild boar steaks along with a bit of venison sausage. I couldn’t believe our good fortune! You see, we grew up with hunter-gather daddy who loved to hunt and fish. Most of our meat was shot, caught, or wrestled to the ground with pure skill and cunning! And Dad was feeding a family with 2 growing boy, plus 3 daughters with healthy appetites, in addition to Mom and WaWa (Dad’s mama). So that was no easy feat to bag enough wild game for that size a family. But he did it. Successfully!