Monday, August 6, 2012

Sambal Oelek Green Beans With Garlic - Another Veggie Tale in the Land of Low Carb

Pardon me while I Bubba Gump the “hay-ulll” outta summer veggies - again? Let's talk Sambal Oelek Green Beans with Garlic - just for grins!

Sambal Oelek Green Beans with Garlic a summertime
staple in the Land of Low Carb. 
Veggies are synonymous with summertime. This is the second post dedicated to Fluffy Chix highlighting or rather, exposing the fact that for most, low carbing isn't simply about meat and more meat on top of meat, served with a side of meat and a wad of fat.

And when somebody says, "Low Carb", it doesn't = "No Carb" (with a wad of fat).

These veggies just scream summertime! And Fluffy Chix Cook or have cooked and talked about most of 'em already, this summer.