Sunday, November 18, 2012

WaWa's Low Carb Southern-Style Dressing (Low Carb Stuffin' for All You Yankees)

Dressing v. Stuffing - Does it REALLY matter what you call it as long as it's low carb, easy and good?

Thanksgiving at the Fluffy Chix Cook house, complete
with large roasted turkey and low carb dressing or low carb
stuffing as some of your might say.
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 If you tuned in and read Fluffy Chix Cook’s latest article over at CarbSmart Magazine you would be very familiar with a lesser known, but no less important, war between the states, or as we DFSW’s (Delicate Flowers of Southern Womanhood) refer to as the Great Unpleasantness. Nope I’m not talking about battles about states’ rights, or taxation without representation, or about economic embargoes on cotton and sugar cane.

Turkey Stock With Taylor Dry Sauterne

This is part of our Thanksgiving secret to great Turkey Gravy and Low Carb Turkey Dressing

Turkey Stock with Taylor Dry Sauterne makes the secret
difference to your Thanksgiving Gravy and Low Carb
Thanksgiving Turkey Dressing.
To many of you, this recipe for turkey stock cooked with Taylor Dry Sauterne will seem like a giant pain in your behonkus. You will doubt my sanity, question my grasp on reality, and perhaps even question my parentage and the legitimacy of my birth.
Fluffy Chix Cook understands.

The holidays approach and herald perhaps the biggest food oriented, family-intense day of the year. Many of us must walk that treacherous tight rope between our low carb world and the land of the infidels (carb monkeys). Many of us, despite living low carb, must continue to appease the carb monkey gods with gifts of thickened gravies, high carbage dressings, taters, gooey sugar-packed baked sweet potato marshmallow and pecan casserole, and pies out the ying yang. I feel your pain. It's my pain too. But...