Thursday, March 15, 2012

Un-Corned Beef Sirloin Cap - The Saga Continues

Aye Colleens and Boyos - Tis St. Patrick's Day A Comin' Don't Ya Know!

Un-corned Beef Sirloin Cap with Low Carb Colcannon
This is a story of St. Patrick's Day Dinner in the Denny and Susie House with all our St. Patrick's Day "Boyos". It's a St. Patrick's Day Dinner in pictures. I hope that will give you inspiration to go out and try new things.

I've long thought with today's refrigerator technology, the need to "corn" beef is unnecessary and takes a ton of time. Not to mention that it's looking like nitrates/nitrites aren't such a sweet anti-cancer deal.

Buying beef pre-corned isn't an option for me. I hate the chemicals in the store bought corned beef and dislike the slime you feel when you open the package. Sooo....what's an Irish girl to do?

Last year I made the Un-corned Beef Brisket, another quick method with intense flavor. This year, I wanted a lean, lean cut o' the beef and I