Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares - Low Carb and Keto-licious!

Low Carb Keto and Gluten Free Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares Hit the Mark!

Low Carb Keto Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares
from Cut the Wheat, Ditch the Sugar
Finally! Sheesh, where the heck have I been gallivanting? I’m thrilled to bring you our last guest blogger of this season, Leeann Mullen Teagno of Cut the Wheat, Ditch the Sugar blog. Cut the Wheat, Ditch the Sugar is a low carb, keto recipe blog filled with savory and sweet recipes that flat-out make low carb cooking easy peasy light and breezy. Her love for cooking and her calling to help inspire low carbers live a healthy LC lifestyle, eating simply prepared, real food, is a blessing to the community.

And today, Leeann wants to know, do you hanker after crescent rolls and all those gooey, yummy, high carbage crescent-rollicious recipes you used to enjoy in your former high carb life? Do you want a low carb crescent roll recipe that will satisfy you without spiking your blood sugar or insulin, that's gluten free and diabetic-friendly to boot?