Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo - It's Texan, Low Carb and Paleo! Yeehaw!

Oh Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo How I love Thee. You Paragon of Leftovers Complete Me!

As I mentioned in the Armadillo Egg post, this is a love story devoted to leftovers.

Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo will never give your secret away.
No one will ever call you the Leftover Queen!
Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo translates to the Pizza Maker’s Chicken – Texas Style! Why do I call it Texas Style? Well because there are big honking jalapenos and goat cheese involved and jalapenos and goat “anything” is almost synonymous with Texas. Look up Texas on Wikipedia. You’ll see a goat and a big honking jalapeno. Would I lie to you?

Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo really translates into a marriage between three leftovers and cheese – the lovely cheese - that scrumptious cement that binds. Armadillo Eggs, Roasted Tomatoes (recipe follows), and Pizza Sauce (recipe follows) layer to make a breathtaking entrĂ©e that will never resemble leftovers. In fact, you will love it so much, it might take the place of Chicken Parmigiana!