Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas "Roast Beast" aka Standing Rib or Prime Rib Roast

Festive Standing Rib Roast for Christmas

Christmas Eve Dinner - Standing Rib Roast aka Prime Rib
I've sorted through and decided to re-post about this gorgeous hunk-o-meat, because Christmas "Roast Beast" is always popular and people always need a full-proof way to cook standing rib roasts (sometimes generically referred to as "prime rib," even though most store-bought rib roasts are far from "prime" status).

This is a pretty exhaustive and complete step-by-step pictorial and description about how you can amaze and astound your dinner guests with very little effort or angst! In fact, if you have 20 minutes, you can whip one up and shove it in the oven and 15-20 minutes per pound later, feast on an elegant, succulent and mind-blowingly delicious beefopalooza.