Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Conclusion of the 2Week Atkins Induction Challenge

Our morning walk today. Beautiful but already
starting to feel the heat from fire! (Ahem, summer.)
Conclusions, Measurements, Assessments

I woke up this morning.

Yeah. I woke up! When you’re knock, knock, knockin’ on 50’s door, that is a fork in this Texas girl’s road that becomes increasingly important with each passing year. More so this year, because of the fight with Stage IIIC Breast Cancer. (Don’t really understand yet why I’m so insistent about putting caps to those words…hmmm. Points to ponder.)

Thanks for waiting so patiently as I get caught up here in the Fluffy Chix Roost. I’m long overdue to deliver the 2 Week Atkins Inductions results. The 14th Day ended Sunday at midnight. I kissed it goodbye, filed it under “done” and am ready to climb that ladder into OWL! Come on ladder. Feets don’t fail me now!

Although staying at 20g of Net Carbs per day was pretty easy, peasy, the part of me that is headstrong and wants what I want, when I want it, really hates being confined with restrictions. Especially now after