Monday, February 27, 2012

Low Carb Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

Creamy, Dreamy, Floaty Clouds of Chocolate Deliciousness

Low Carb Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse
with Sugar Free Macerated Strawberries
The other night Kevin (you remember Kevin, one of our sock monkey “boys”) was sequestered to the chain gang in the kitchen doing dishes and he said, “Mom, why don’t you ever make dessert for the inmates in this joint?”

To which I calmly answered, “Kevin are you forgetting the chocolate dipped strawberries I made you, Daddy, Buddy, Tony, Schylling, and your little dog Wee Wee, and Wee Wee’s baby, Skeeter for Valentine’s Day?”

Kevin replied, “That’s so “two weeks ago,” we’re “over here” now, Mom. And besides, strawberries are not dessert food.”

I snapped at him, “They are when you dip them in scumpt-dilly-ish-ess sugar free low carb chocolate ganache scented with orange and fresh thyme!”

He said nothing, stared at me intently, then turned his nose up and pronounced with derision, “Psssshaw! Fish food.”