Friday, August 17, 2012

A Texan Talks Goin' Green with Tex-Mex Tomatillo Sauce

Goin’ green in Texas is much bigger than simply addressing the state of planetary and energy conservation...

Tex-Mex Tomatillo Sauce tops Enchiladas Verdes.
Low carb and delicious!
Go green! Yep I said it. It’s Hatch green chile season here in Texas and in what I suspect are other lesser known areas of the universe.

Oh come on!

You and I BOTH know that Texas is the center of the universe. Nah, let’s be real…me, myself, and I living in Texas and talkin’ about tempting low carb comfort food – that’s the REAL center of the universe! Trick question! See? You have to stay on your toes to keep up. I may be fluffy, but I’m fast!

To a Texan, Green is so much more than a state of social consciousness.

Yes, so Hatch chiles. Well honestly? Texas annexed ‘em. Even though Hatch is officially located in the southwest sector of New Mexico just north of the New Mexico – Texas state line. According to New Mexico True, the official travel site for the entire state of New Mexico, even though New Mexican cuisine spans 400 years and claims to blend Spanish and native American cultures and cuisines...I (and most Texans) firmly believe anything remotely hot or Tex-Mex or "southwestern" in nature, at least food-wise,