Friday, June 1, 2012

Texas Armadillo Eggs - Have Grill Will Travel

Sometimes Havin' A Plan, Especially a Plan for Leftovers Makes Life Easy.

Armadillo Eggs - Low Carb, Gluten Free and so good you
wouldn't give a hungry dog a bone! No sharesies!
This is a leftover love story. What I really mean is this is a love story about leftovers. Done correctly, "leftover" is not a four letter expletive! I actually love leftovers when they can be disguised and morphed into a completely different dish!

No. The chicken breasts in this story aren’t leftover! But the Armadillo Eggs themselves are meant to be leftover. So make lots, okay?

Armadillo Eggs taste divine in their own right, but used in the next recipe comin’ your way, well they become transcendent. You might just cry from taste bud overload.

But why are they called Armadillo Eggs, you might ask? Good question from the little lady in the first row. They’re big. Very big. And they’re egg shaped. And I don’t have a lot of creativity. Meh. And the name amuses the ‘boys.’ So they’re Armadillo Eggs.