Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simple Moroccan Lettuce Cups or Lettuce Wraps

Even when you're stress and times are tough, you can eat low carb.

Cook Once - Eat a Bunch (of times)!
Well, I’ve told you life here is rather stressful. And yet, I realize I’m not alone. I think you, too, may have just a wee bit oh-the-stress on your plate. Am I right?

So our challenge is this—when we’re too tired (just too damn pooped after a hard day at work, after taking care of your family, after taking care of the house, after possibly being sick…fill in your blank here)…what in they hayull (Texan for WTF) is a sane low carber sposed to do about keeping the carb monster at bay and getting good, healthy food on a plate?