Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Digestion Relief -- Shhhhhhh -- Can We Say, Constipation?

Occasional Irregularity Strikes Us All At Some Time in Our Low Carb Journey! 

Misty Humphrey of Healthy Transitions is a certified
holistic nutrition coach who gives empathy, support,
and shows you how to reclaim health!
Thanks to my dear friend, Misty Humphrey, certified holistic nutritionist and health coach, you will finally be able to answer the question of how to tame your gut and end constipation while following a low carb-keto, paleo and primal lifestyle. Misty will tell you some of the main causes for constipation and teach you how to tame those mean grumblies once and for all. Misty will give you the full poop on poop! So don't miss a word and take notes! You never know when you will face a bout of occasional irregularity.

Please be sure to visit Misty at Healthy Transitions, where you can find free online diet plans of many different persuasions (cuz face it, there's no one-size-fits-all-lifestyle-solution)...and the best part of all is that you can hire Misty to become your personal wellness coach and holistic nutrition counselor. She tailors meal plans and gives recipes to fit your exact nutritional needs!

And Misty doesn't counsel from a "high in the ivory towers position." She knows what it's like to battle disease, weight, and all the issues that come with being sick and fat. Misty has successfully maintained an 85+ weight loss and brings empathy and caring to her practice. She shows us how to "be an example of disease prevention not disease maintenance. Eat well feel well!"

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So Join Us a We Discuss: Digestion Relief, the Constipation Report!