Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tex-Mex Baked Eggs for Breakfast, Brunch or Brinner

Tex-Mex Baked Eggs so easy and so delicious!
Thank God Thanksgiving is over for another year! I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the holiday and work towards the build-up, planning and dashing and cooking and exhausting myself in the bargain. I’m betting you do too.

This year, we had three days of celebrations and that was maybe one day too long, especially in light of surgery just a short 11 weeks ago. By the third celebration, I developed a massive headache that left me feeling sick to my tummy and weak, right at the height of the party, too! Boo sis!!!

In retrospect I should have skipped Saturday to save up for Sunday. But I tried to do it all. Does that sound familiar? We forget limits!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Low Carb Turkey Hash

What to do with leftover Thanksgiving Turkey when you want something different!

Leftover Thanksgiving turkey gets new life with versatile
turkey zucchini hash.
Here’s a leftover turkey recipe out of the ordinary. Aren’t you sick of leftover turkey and gravy? Me too!

This easy Turkey Hash makes a killer “breakfast-for-dinner” or “brinner” as our sock monkey boys like to call it after a full day of BFS (Black Friday Shopping). We enjoy eating it with a fried or poached egg on top so the yummy richness of the egg yolk adds to the comfort experience of the meal. Sliced tomatoes are all you need to go with this low carb hash. I promise you won’t even miss the taters!

And the cost of the meal is ridiculously cheap at $3.26!

Hope you enjoy your Black Friday shopping!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WaWa's Low Carb Southern-Style Dressing (Low Carb Stuffin' for All You Yankees)

Dressing v. Stuffing - Does it REALLY matter what you call it as long as it's low carb, easy and good?

Thanksgiving at the Fluffy Chix Cook house, complete
with large roasted turkey and low carb dressing or low carb
stuffing as some of your might say.
(click to enlarge image)
 If you tuned in and read Fluffy Chix Cook’s latest article over at CarbSmart Magazine you would be very familiar with a lesser known, but no less important, war between the states, or as we DFSW’s (Delicate Flowers of Southern Womanhood) refer to as the Great Unpleasantness. Nope I’m not talking about battles about states’ rights, or taxation without representation, or about economic embargoes on cotton and sugar cane.

Turkey Stock With Taylor Dry Sauterne

This is part of our Thanksgiving secret to great Turkey Gravy and Low Carb Turkey Dressing

Turkey Stock with Taylor Dry Sauterne makes the secret
difference to your Thanksgiving Gravy and Low Carb
Thanksgiving Turkey Dressing.
To many of you, this recipe for turkey stock cooked with Taylor Dry Sauterne will seem like a giant pain in your behonkus. You will doubt my sanity, question my grasp on reality, and perhaps even question my parentage and the legitimacy of my birth.
Fluffy Chix Cook understands.

The holidays approach and herald perhaps the biggest food oriented, family-intense day of the year. Many of us must walk that treacherous tight rope between our low carb world and the land of the infidels (carb monkeys). Many of us, despite living low carb, must continue to appease the carb monkey gods with gifts of thickened gravies, high carbage dressings, taters, gooey sugar-packed baked sweet potato marshmallow and pecan casserole, and pies out the ying yang. I feel your pain. It's my pain too. But...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Low Carb Cornbread in Time for Low Carb Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing

Hopin' and prayin' the low carb cornbread looks
a fraction as good as this one does!
Apologies for being late with this recipe and with the absence of pictures. I wanted to at least get it out there for anyone who wants or feels like being a recipe tester! I hope to get to test it before Thanksgiving Day, but the way the week is looking, I don’t see it happening. When I do test it, I will place photos in this recipe and confirm the rating.

This is a test recipe. I’m putting it up because if any of you want to make a low carb version of our grandmother, WaWa’s Dressing, this low carb cornbread recipe will help you make the dressing low carb. It is such a delicious high carb dressing, that I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be awesome as a low carb version.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cooking Wine or Cooking with Whine

Add a little wine aka vino to your cooking and watch your family's face light up!

Time for "Cawfey Tawk" - Texas Style. This
morning's topic is cooking wine and whaddaya
do with 'em!
Good morning chil’rens! It’s the lead-up to Thanksgiving and you know what that means doncha? Yep, it’s time for Coffee Talk – Texas Style. It’s time to be frank with the beans. Oh heck what am I sayin’? We’re low carb and don’t eat beans…or do we??? Ok then, let’s whine about some wine instead! A subject that BC (Before Cancer) was near and dear to my heart.

I get asked all the time, “Susie, how do you make these dishes TASTE so awesome?”

Or sometimes I hear, “Susie, comeonnowalready! For cryin’outloudwoman! Why are there so many gol’darn ingredients in your dishes? And why does it take all day to read your instructions? Just slap some lipstick on that pig and let’s eat it!”

Other times it’s, “Whooooooo dogggey. Good vittles.”