Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eating To Beat Breast Cancer _ Part I of 3 at CarbSmart Magazine

Happy October everyone. I pray that fall finds you hail and hearty and firmly in the Group of 7.

What is the Group of 7, you ask?

Well, the latest facts and figures on breast cancer indicate that 1 out of every 8 women will be intimately affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. 1 of every 8 will hear, "I'm sorry, you have breast cancer."

I invite all of you to join me over at CarbSmart for the three part series Eating to Beat Breast Cancer. You'll learn that having cancer is no easy feat. You must learn an entirely new language as quickly as possible in order to make treatment decisions and understand odds and outcomes. You're faced with conflicting information everywhere you turn. And you have no idea if you should be juicing or going vegan or eating low fat or do you gamble on low carb nutrition.

It's confusing and scary and maybe one of the most ghoulishly garish (hat tip to Halloween) trips you will ever take if you are that unfortunate 8th woman out (or man, since men are a quickly growing breast cancer population).

Join me please for the October Breast Cancer Awareness month. Remember to Coppafeel at the same time, ok?

I do wish I had a donate button on the site. I would like to collect and contribute toward funding nutritional studies. Maybe next year...

I hope to be back here soon with a tempting fall treat - Poor Man's Beef Stroganoff with Buttery Cabbage Noodles.



  1. Still praying, and looking forward with you. Your sense of humour is a gift. Even going through this stuff, you make me laugh with you! Hang in there, and God bless that team of angels on your side!! Second base rocks the house!

    1. Arlene, thanks for your affirmation! It's a very touchy subject and my fear in revealing how I (as an individual) have to use humor as my coping mechanism is that I will alienate someone - a survivor, previvor, family member, friend - any one of those 1-8 who are intimately touched by breast cancer.

      This is a very personal and private disease because much of it deals directly with our sexual identity and sexuality. Not only do the sex organs (breasts) get dealt a blow, but our sense of being a female is dealt a big one too psychological through our mirrors and self-image. Additionally, if you have a hormone positive cancer as I have (the most common), you're given an anti-estrogen/anti-hormone cancer pill you take daily for 5-10 years and that completely wipes out sexual desire. Knocking you back from 50 - 6 in 2.9seconds (sexual desire-wise).

      The only thing I KNOW to do is laugh about it. Cuz to do anything else, would have me cryin in my Wheaties and back on the Make-A-Wish-Diet, 60 lbs heavier and filled with cancer.


  2. I'm so happy you are back and that everything went so well.

    Agree totally with arlene's comment, so will add a Ditto to it!

    Thank you for checking in and for the new yumminess you shared!


    1. Hi Alice! :hugs: and big thanks hon!!! Hope you like the straganoff and cabbage. Let us know how it turned out, ok?!

  3. Susie, so happy you are back and that everything went so well. You were missed immensely!

    I agree completely with everything arlene said, so will add a "Ditto".

    Thank you for the new yumminess you shared with us!

    My best to you.


  4. Just discovered this blog today and saw you have been going through treatment and surgery. I am a 4 year survivor this month! Congratulations on getting through it all and with such a positive attitude...I agree, it's the only way to go. I tried to remain happy and positive my whole way through. i will be thinking of you, and checking out all your great recipes!!

    1. Hi Lisa, welcome and CONGRATULATIONS ladybug! You go girl on 4 years of dancing with NED (No Evidence of Disease)!!

      I hope you will stick around and hang out with us both here and on facebook and at CarbSmart Magazine. I think we are doing slow but important work of telling an n=1 story about breast cancer survival that contradicts all the current nutritional wisdom about eating a plant based diet filled with "healthy whole grains" and low fat. I don't know about you, but all those "healthy whole grains" contributed to getting me to this party in the first place. I don't want to give them a chance to lead me down the primrose path to an early grave.

      Hope you will spread the word among the sistahs!

      MUAH! And yep, you can laugh or you can cry. I know, we all do both at different times, but if we cry ALL the time, then cancer wins...stupid cancer.


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