Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Low Carb, Low Gluten, Soy Free, Nut Free White Bread Wars

Will Wonder Never Cease? Oops, I mean “wonders”…

Low Carb Low Gluten, Soy Free, Nut Free White Bread Back In The Hiz-ouse!

*Warning: Some people with gluten sensitivities have problems with oats. Although oats do not contain the same kind of gluten found in wheat, there is sometimes cross contamination due to the fields where oats are grown. Additionally, there may be cross-contamination in the processing plants where the same plant processes grains that contain gluten. If you cannot handle oats (I use Bob's Red Mill certified gluten free rolled oats) - then please sub out another fiber like rice bran or hemp or maybe even a bean flour for the oat fiber called for in the Bread Mix.

Comparisons of White Bread Recipe using three different
Bread Mix Bases. Success with all three!

Hi honey, I’m home from the White Bread Wars! Yeeeee gads! I have about eleventy gazillion slices of white bread in my freezer. I had to sell Denny and the boys to the gypsies cuz there was no more room for them in the deep freeze.

As to why they were in the freezer in the first place? Well it’s best not to ask. Maybe they simply pissed me off one too many times? You do recall when they called me Cue Ball the whole time I was bald during chemo and treatment? But truthfully, they just like it in the