Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breast Cancer

Sorry to everyone to be less than current on posts.

I've had some unexpected test results come in and it looks like I'm going to be battling breast cancer in the future months. I don't mind telling you that fear has me in its nasty grip and I'm up and down faster than a rollercoaster.

Waiting to get into the doctors and see what they have to say and how they want to attack this beast. And I can truthfully tell you its the wait of my life. I'm not feeling very motivated to work or post right now. What little sleep I'm getting leaves me in a state of unrest, anxiety and exhaustion.

So sorry to let you all down and hope you will hang in there for a bit and let me get my sea-legs with all of this news. I believe I will be posting more than ever once I find balance. I believe in the way I'm eating (well maybe "brown" will have to take a bit of a back seat in favor of green, but I believe I will still pursue a low carb way of life and will still pursue fats in favor of carbs and excessive proteins).

I will be back in touch soon to post a new flavor packed, sassy, Texan thread.

Blessings all around!