Saturday, April 20, 2013

How To Trim, Cut, and Cook Pork Tender - A Perfect Primal and Low Carb Meal

Coming soon to a Fluffy Chix Cook blog near you! (hehe)

I'm working on a post that takes you step-by-step through trimming, portioning and cookin' pork tenderloins -- the other white meat. So I thought I'd share the first and last photos with you to let you in on another sneak peak!

Wash and dry pork tenderloins. (I always rinse meat under running, cold water--a trick taught to me by our sweet little departed daddy.)

Slices of juicy and fork-tender pork tenderloin roasted and served with smashed cauliflower. What a super meal and perfectly Primal.

It takes about 10 minutes to butcher out a package of pork tenders, but I think you will agree after reading, that it's time well-spent. You get about 12 meals out one package of 2 tenderloins. And at $3.47/pound that's a nutritional bargain!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes of CarbSmart Magazine!

CarbSmart Magazine available in iPad and iPad Retina
I promised you a behind the scenes sneak peek at CarbSmart Magazine (digital version) and by-golly I’m gonna do it! Now, I may be a little tall in the saddle from excitement, cuz I am not only a writer, but the company I freelance for helps produce the magazine. And oh by the way, if you look to the right, I have my affiliate link up where I get a little spiff from iTunes everytime you buy an issue or suscription of CarbSmart Magazine through my helps support Fluffy Chix Cook a little bit, but regardless of that, CarbSmart Magazine is really an amazing team effort and each issue is an interactive compilation of science, lifestyle articles, recipes, health and fitness, and community support and feedback.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ugly Green Beans (UGB)

Beautiful, fresh green beans. Washed and ready.
You might wonder how a green bean could ever be called ugly. Green beans are perfectly beautiful, right? Fresh, velvety, crisp and green with their tiny curled tips just waiting for a quick blanch then a roll in olive oil and a whole busload of slivered garlic…now that is a beautiful, beautiful thought.

But UGB (Ugly Green Beans)? Well folks, this is a recipe many of you already know about, but still stands to be mentioned for the benefit of the unenlightened. You see, I’m tired.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Low Carb Homestyle Southern Bacon Gravy and Low Carb Biscuits for Breakfast, Brunch or Brinner

Low Carb Southern Bacon Gravy with Low Carb Biscuits
along with fried eggs, sugar free preserves and grape tomatoes
If we are truly what we eat, most Southerners would consist of half fried food and half cream gravy. I’m not lyin’ to you and yes, that includes the “New Southern Cuisine” movement.  And part of me deep down in my Southern soul, mourns. And feels shame about that. Yes, I grew up eating those foods. Yes, I love them. And yes, I still have a weight problem today, despite low carbing for 98% of 12 years.

(On the plus side, I have lost around 80lbs and the low carb lifestyle halted a PCOS-driven 8pound per month weight gain cycle I was locked into 12 years ago when I begain this way of eating.)

Yep, Southerners are as a region, some of the portliest people this side of the Mason Dixon. And we have some of the highest rates of diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, many “-eases”. Jesus.

So why on earth, am I blogging about bacon gravy then? Yes, that’s bacon gravy in the picture there. Isn’t it a pretty sight? But aren’t I just contributing to the delinquency of Southerners the world-over