Saturday, April 6, 2013

Low Carb Homestyle Southern Bacon Gravy and Low Carb Biscuits for Breakfast, Brunch or Brinner

Low Carb Southern Bacon Gravy with Low Carb Biscuits
along with fried eggs, sugar free preserves and grape tomatoes
If we are truly what we eat, most Southerners would consist of half fried food and half cream gravy. I’m not lyin’ to you and yes, that includes the “New Southern Cuisine” movement.  And part of me deep down in my Southern soul, mourns. And feels shame about that. Yes, I grew up eating those foods. Yes, I love them. And yes, I still have a weight problem today, despite low carbing for 98% of 12 years.

(On the plus side, I have lost around 80lbs and the low carb lifestyle halted a PCOS-driven 8pound per month weight gain cycle I was locked into 12 years ago when I begain this way of eating.)

Yep, Southerners are as a region, some of the portliest people this side of the Mason Dixon. And we have some of the highest rates of diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, heart disease, many “-eases”. Jesus.

So why on earth, am I blogging about bacon gravy then? Yes, that’s bacon gravy in the picture there. Isn’t it a pretty sight? But aren’t I just contributing to the delinquency of Southerners the world-over