Thursday, March 28, 2013

Son of Zoodle - a Veggie Tale of Zucchini - rific Tagliatelle Proportions - a Low Carb Pasta Lover's Treasure

This is a publice service announcement. 

Son of Zoodle unleashed.
Son of Zoodle is unleashed upon humanity!!!!

You remember my Oodles and Oodles of Zoodles post don't you? If you don't, here is the link to the Oodley Zoodley Zoodles post. Just click on it and through the wonders of Al Gore's internet, you will be instantly transported to the page where the zoodles live in my Fluffy Chix Cook "permanent record."

Saturday, March 23, 2013

CarbSmart Magazine - Digital Edition Premieres!

CarbSmart Magazine proudly announces
the premiere of its digital magazine for
Apple iPad, Apple Retina, Kindle Fire, and
Android tablets.
Hi y'all! The affiliate link to the CarbSmart Magazine is here!!! Wooohooo! Click on the magazine's here in this post or look on the right side of the page in the margin for the CarbSmart Magazine and click on it! Please be sure to order your subscribtion today!

Hey guys, I'm super excited to announce this momentuous event! We've got a new tool in our low carb arsenal--the CarbSmart Magazine-the digital edition for Apple iPad, Apple Retina and coming soon, available for Kindle Fire and Android tablets!

I've been writing for for almost a year now. It's a great site, filled with helpful tools for all of us low-carbers. Tools like reviews of low carb products and kitchen gadgets that make our life easier; movie and book reviews of the most important books, movies, tv documentaries, and scientific papers in low carb nutrition. Tools like great recipes and inspirational stories from people who live low carb, just like you and me--and who know how hard it can sometimes become--and how easy, too! Tools like great availability of low carb conveniences like Nevada Manna Chocolate chips (sugar alcohol free chocolate chips) and things like sugar free flavored drops and sugar/flour alternatives).

CarbSmart has been a leader in the low carb community for over 13 years and today we realize the dream of Andrew DiMino, CarbSmart's founder and CEO--to become the

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Simple Moroccan Lettuce Cups or Lettuce Wraps

Even when you're stress and times are tough, you can eat low carb.

Cook Once - Eat a Bunch (of times)!
Well, I’ve told you life here is rather stressful. And yet, I realize I’m not alone. I think you, too, may have just a wee bit oh-the-stress on your plate. Am I right?

So our challenge is this—when we’re too tired (just too damn pooped after a hard day at work, after taking care of your family, after taking care of the house, after possibly being sick…fill in your blank here)…what in they hayull (Texan for WTF) is a sane low carber sposed to do about keeping the carb monster at bay and getting good, healthy food on a plate?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicken Avocado and Blue Cheese Sandwich with Garlic Aoli is Perfectly Low Carb

You might be forgiven for the immediate blasphemous cursing erupting from your mouth at this very moment. I hear you. I do.

Satisfying and low carb too. This chicken sandwich bears no
resemblance to our old high carbage days.
You’re saying, “Who the hayull (Texan for h-e-double ut oh) does she think she is? *snort* She’s now demonstrating how to be an even bigger waste-of-blog-space than she has in months past.

Now Susie’s turning out such derivative drivel as telling me how to make a sandwich with store bought rotisserie chicken. What a crock of horse puckies!

Next thing you know, she’ll be showin’ me how to boil water! Razzafrazzin’ rumplemazzin’ curfufflesplazzle #%@@@@#$#$#$@$^$^#@$$!!!!!!!”

So on that note, please be sure to join me next week as we explore the mysteries of boiling water. *evil grin*