Saturday, March 23, 2013

CarbSmart Magazine - Digital Edition Premieres!

CarbSmart Magazine proudly announces
the premiere of its digital magazine for
Apple iPad, Apple Retina, Kindle Fire, and
Android tablets.
Hi y'all! The affiliate link to the CarbSmart Magazine is here!!! Wooohooo! Click on the magazine's here in this post or look on the right side of the page in the margin for the CarbSmart Magazine and click on it! Please be sure to order your subscribtion today!

Hey guys, I'm super excited to announce this momentuous event! We've got a new tool in our low carb arsenal--the CarbSmart Magazine-the digital edition for Apple iPad, Apple Retina and coming soon, available for Kindle Fire and Android tablets!

I've been writing for for almost a year now. It's a great site, filled with helpful tools for all of us low-carbers. Tools like reviews of low carb products and kitchen gadgets that make our life easier; movie and book reviews of the most important books, movies, tv documentaries, and scientific papers in low carb nutrition. Tools like great recipes and inspirational stories from people who live low carb, just like you and me--and who know how hard it can sometimes become--and how easy, too! Tools like great availability of low carb conveniences like Nevada Manna Chocolate chips (sugar alcohol free chocolate chips) and things like sugar free flavored drops and sugar/flour alternatives).

CarbSmart has been a leader in the low carb community for over 13 years and today we realize the dream of Andrew DiMino, CarbSmart's founder and CEO--to become the
trusted leader of low carb information and news in the low carb/Paleo/diabetic communities worldwide, so that we can bring you important information and tools to help you reclaim your health (or protect it).

CarbSmart Magazine has useful tools like
book reviews from some of the most important
researchers and scientists in low carb and Paleo.
CarbSmart has gone digital! That's right! The first issue of CarbSmart Magazine is now available in the iTunes store. We will be placing a link on the blog soon (as soon as Fluffy Chix Cook is an approved iTunes affiliate which will take a couple of days), and you will be able to link directly to the store to purchase current issues, back issues and subscriptions of CarbSmart Magazine.

By linking through the Fluffy Chix Cook Blog it will make a tiny bit of moolah, which you know is always a benefit, and it's something new. We've long resisted advertising on FCC in order to try to keep the content one-on-one. But when important products, services or vehicles of important information like CarbSmart Magazine come along--the Fluffy Chix just can't NOT be a part of that progress. So we will have a few cogent ads up when we deem them beneficial to our friends, followers and casual readers. And along the way, by clicking through from our site, you will aide the Fluffies in our mission to spread the love of all things Texas AND low carb, to infinity and beyond (did I say that correctly Duck Dodgers? er, sorry, I mean Flash! I mean Buzz Lightyear. Dang, I'm datin' myself here)...

Another big thrilling aspect of CarbSmart Magazine is that Susie T. Gibbs will be writing for both the website AND the magazine! And not only that, but pssssst...the company I freelance for is very involved in the look and feel of the magazine. :D Ain't that just dandy? So you can see our little fluffy wings are all over this project and I wanted to be sure you knew!! I'm pretty danged-ole gobsmacked right smack down to my unmentionables! (That's DFSW-speak for "super excited"! You all know DFSW's are Delicate Flowers of Southern Womanhood, right? Well, now ya do!)

Exclusive recipes from the best in low carb
like Dana Carpender in her monthly cooking
column, Dana's Kitchen!
Here's the front of Dana's Kitchen, an exclusive monthly column written by none other than Dana Carpender! The premiere issue is filled with the Best of 2012 as well as a quick review of the Fat Fast Program as originally designed by the late, great, Dr. Robert Atkins. The first issue is designed to bring those who might be unfamiliar with CarbSmart or new to low carb up to speed quickly, and to get them acquainted with the concepts of low carb dieting.

The next magazine will be jam-packed with exclusive articles available only in the magazine, from the leaders in low carb like Jacqueline Eberstein, RN, Drs. Volek and Phinney, Dr. Richard Feinman, Dr. Rainer Klement and the much-loved Dana Carpender, Jimmy Moore, Amy Dungan, Kent Altena, Jamie Van Eaton and so many, many more--of the best-of-the-low-carb community--covering the very important subject of Ketogenic Diets and their Unexpected Health Benefits. It's sure an issue to keep in your files of "important low carb scientific information!!"

I also want to share CarbSmart's Fat Fast Cookbook, and eBook available in Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Nook, filled with 50 recipes to help you do the Fat Fast painlessly and correctly, should it ever become necessary. (You know most of us stall in low carb -- indeed, on any type of diet program--and low carb is a diet, but it is and should be a life-long diet; a life-long lifestyle choice and change.) And btw, I promise to get back here and review this cookbook for you!! (Oh and guess what? The company I freelance for also did the bookcover design for CarbSmart Press' Fat Fast Cookbook! Wooot! Way to go people!)

Just give me a little time, I'm not gettin' around as fast as I was, pre-cancer, and as my buddy Ferris says, "Life moves pretty fast, you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."

In the next week or so, I will have another little (ok huge) announcement, but that's an article for another day!!!

So please rush over to the iTunes store and get your issue today. Our affiliate link is up and ready for your purchases. You can access the order page in the iTunes store by clicking on the magazine icon below here, or you may click on the link in the sidebar (the area to the right side of this page to access the iTunes store. (It's true, we now have our very own official "Captain Cunning Decoder Ring and Seal!)

(TO ORDER - Just click on the magazine)

Hugs, peace, great low carb comfort food, and much love!

Susie T. Gibbs


  1. Awesome awesomeness! Headed there! But, you knew I would! Muah Hun!

    1. Yay, K! Let us know how you like, ok???!!!

  2. That cover looks awesome! It's great to have a one stop location to send people trying to learn all about low carbing and the latest science to prove the theories correct.

    1. Thanks Kent! We're looking forward to your article coming up in Issue 02. It's about your personal experience in dealing with a running injury, weight regain and how you powered back from it!! Very inspirational stuff, dude!!!

  3. Congrats and great work - yes, awesome awesomeness all over!!! Can't wait to get started reading!

    Thank you to Susie, Dana and ALL who work on this to make so much good available to so many.

    Big hugs and mucho MWAH'S!!!

    Alice B.

    1. Ali, it's been a serious team project and we are so happy to be blessed to be able to fulfill our missions--to lead others to a success lifestyle of health and wellness through a total lifestyle make-over choice: Body, Mind, Spirit!


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