Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fluffy Chix Cook Included in Newly Released Low Carbing Among Friends Vol II Cookbook

Low Carbing Among Friends - Vol II.
is ready to go!
I woke up this morning thinking Christmas arrived early on the last day of hotter-n-hell-July! Only, much to my chagrin I didn’t see no “damn Sannieclaus” anywhere…but I DID see that Jennifer Eloff and Company has the Low Carbing Among Friends – Volume II book hot off the press and ready to mail!

Ok, ok, I will explain about the “damn Sanniclaus” thing in a minute. I promise! And I just swannie-swear those “boys” will drive me to drink and it’s only 10am here in Hell, er I mean Houston-in-July.

(You remember our sock monkey boys: Buddy, Tony, Kevin (all named for NASCAR drivers), Schylling (our adoptee from the Islands), and Zippy (named for Tony’s former Crew Boss), their little toy dog WeeWee, and WeeWee’s stuffed baby, Skeeter. Oh and their “Geraff”, whom I thought was named Geff because the “boys” get tickled by alliteration and if you’ve never heard a sock monkey laugh – you really should! But the geraff’s name is actually Stretch, as I was informed by Zippy not too long ago.)

Anyways, the “boys” are jumpin’ up and down beside me sayin’, “Ommmmmm! Mamasaidaswearwordgetthepalmolive!” Alternating with, “I’m tellin’ Dayyyyyyy-uddddd-yyyyyy!”

The little snitches! I’ll fix them, my pretties! *evil cackling*

So back to the Low Carbing Among Friends – Volume II…I’m so excited! Not only because this is a very cool cookbook collaboration between 8 low carb authors and a group of low carb friends from our low carb community as the "extra author”. The book talks about 11 authors so we will just have to buy the book and count them to understand where they appear!