Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Choose, Please? The Next Post is Your Choice!

Sometimes bein' the boss of cheese and ketchup is rough.

First Culprit - Armadillo Eggs are the first part of a Leftover
Love Story. Eat Armadillo Eggs one night and the
next night they morph into Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo.
Often times I feel like I'm a fake. Sure the 'boys' think I'm large and in charge, but truthfully, anything bigger than a breadbox would qualify as 'large and in charge' under the 'boys' existing definitition.

The neighborhood tomcat could be identified as LAIC under their definition. The dang, huge Skippy the Squirrel could hold the LAIC name badge according to the 'boys' working definition. It's really a bit of a dubious honor here at Mid-Chapparal (See? I can't even get us qualified to be High Chapparal. *sigh*) to be declared as LAIC.

So back to the fake thing...I know it looks like I'm super organized and full of vim and vigor but sometimes I fake it 'til I make it. And I've been fakin' it a lot these days. By the