Thursday, May 31, 2012

You Choose, Please? The Next Post is Your Choice!

Sometimes bein' the boss of cheese and ketchup is rough.

First Culprit - Armadillo Eggs are the first part of a Leftover
Love Story. Eat Armadillo Eggs one night and the
next night they morph into Texas Chicken Pizzaiolo.
Often times I feel like I'm a fake. Sure the 'boys' think I'm large and in charge, but truthfully, anything bigger than a breadbox would qualify as 'large and in charge' under the 'boys' existing definitition.

The neighborhood tomcat could be identified as LAIC under their definition. The dang, huge Skippy the Squirrel could hold the LAIC name badge according to the 'boys' working definition. It's really a bit of a dubious honor here at Mid-Chapparal (See? I can't even get us qualified to be High Chapparal. *sigh*) to be declared as LAIC.

So back to the fake thing...I know it looks like I'm super organized and full of vim and vigor but sometimes I fake it 'til I make it. And I've been fakin' it a lot these days. By the
oncologist's definition, I should be over the fatigue caused from chemo - or at least most people are over the worst by six months. I have exactly 25 days to reach that 6 month mark. And I can tell you right now, pardner, I am still draggin' tail. I can't imagine feeling magically better in 25 days.

Yep. I eat dust most days ridin' drag (that's Texan for catchin' crap at the south end of the trail drive). I explain this 'cuz I could use a little help again. I am tryin' to make up my mind about what to feature next on the blog and I just can't make a decision.

My popper is pooped and I can't even give a Jimmy-Crack-Corn to care! I even left tonight's dinner choices up to the boys. Oh my. *sigh* Guess what they chose?


Bush beans and lizards, followed by peanut butter and bananas covered in their favorite...chocolate ants. Gag. Needless to say, they aren't much help in this area and are just one hay straw removed from our paleo ancestors, Gorillas in the Mist.

Would you mind pickin' the subject of tomorrow's blog? You can pick one of the two.

1. Chicken Zucchini LoMein - a leftover love story in its own right. It utilizes leftover Rotisserie or Roasted Chicken. Heck, go creative, any leftover chicken could work in this recipe.

2. Armadillo Eggs (as a precursor to making the REAL Deal dish, Texan Chicken Pizzaiolo - but that would happen in the next post following this one.

This is the REAL recipe I want to show you, but we have to hatch the Armadillo Egg post to get to this one.

So please, could you decide?

HCICOCK (in Texas that's pronounced "Hitcock", translated Head Chix in Charge of Cheese & Ketchup)

Please leave your vote in the comment section of this post. Thanx!


  1. How about the Armadillo Eggs... Looks like something I could actually make, Hugs!

    Thanks, faithful to Jesus

    1. Hi there and thanks for your reply! I'm curious about your comment, "It looks like something I could actually make."

      Would you help me, please? What does this comment mean? Does it mean that the other recipes aren't interesting enough to make, or too complicated?

      I want to give you recipes you can always make and hope I have been doing that, but if I need to improve or change up the recipes or techniques, I will do it in a New York Minute!!!

      Above all, I want all of you to have a whole arsenal of great tasting low carb foods to help you through your diet and if I'm giving you recipes that don't fit that profile, I need to change it now!!!


  2. Please, all of those recipes - so start with Armadillo Eggs (that looks like something husband would love), then Texan Chicken Pizzaiolo (intriguing) and then Chicken Zucchini LoMein. We have one of those chickens a couple of times a month and that is such a lovely presetation over our leftover-hunk-of-chicken on a plate.

    Blame some of the 'blahs' on this energy-sucking round of weather we have been having. Have you seen the humidity readings? The allergens? Houston isn't that far from Georgetown . . . . just sayin.

    1. Hi Gretchen! OMG the weather. HUMIDITY?! *sigh* Big gross ball of sweat! I didn't even consider that one! And yes, pollen and junk in the air is so bad here too.

      It's looking like we will go with the Armadillo Eggs first unless anyone else chimes in here. Two votes in favor is winning. :)

      And so often I fall into the "hunk of chicken on a plate" scenario then kick myself for being so sad. I don't mind leftovers at all, but most of the time, I just want to disguise them and give em a facelift. Then I get THRILLED with leftovers cuz it eliminates a step (the initial cooking)!

      All 3 recipes rock in my opinion, so it's hard to go wrong with any of them.

  3. Armadillo eggs, because it sounds gross but looks good

    1. Ha! Who knew armadillos have eggs right? :) You'll love it though...MUAH!

  4. Wow, Susie - any of those would be great. You are making me HUNGRY!! I am IFing. LOL Living vicariously here tonight.

    1. Oh Jen! I can relate! Today is Fasting Meatless Friday. And narry a bite for me since dinner last night. Today will be only a small 500cal day per my LC JUDDD. Zoikers! For some sick reason though, I LOVE looking at food on those days and love cooking. It's like if I can't eat it, then at least let me play with it! :) Sick I tell ya! :)


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