Saturday, November 17, 2012

Low Carb Cornbread in Time for Low Carb Thanksgiving Turkey and Dressing

Hopin' and prayin' the low carb cornbread looks
a fraction as good as this one does!
Apologies for being late with this recipe and with the absence of pictures. I wanted to at least get it out there for anyone who wants or feels like being a recipe tester! I hope to get to test it before Thanksgiving Day, but the way the week is looking, I don’t see it happening. When I do test it, I will place photos in this recipe and confirm the rating.

This is a test recipe. I’m putting it up because if any of you want to make a low carb version of our grandmother, WaWa’s Dressing, this low carb cornbread recipe will help you make the dressing low carb. It is such a delicious high carb dressing, that I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be awesome as a low carb version.