Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Linner With Beck's - The Induction Friendly Low Carb Late-Lunch-Early-Dinner

Day 8 - 2Week Atkins Induction - Dang! Why Is It So Easy To Eat Out on Induction?

UPDATED: Daily Menu and Totals for Day 8 are posted. Thanks for your patience!

Half Dreamland from Beck's Prime. Is this heaven? Or
am I just in Dreamland?
We’re one trick ponies. I know you think we’re chix. But we’re really one trick ponies. Ok, we're one-trick-pony-chix and Denny is the HRIC (Head Rooster In Charge).

When we find something or someplace where our needs are met, we’re happy, secure, and satisfied with life. We get comfortable. And that is pretty much the story of our “eating out” life. Our dining life. There are a handful of places Denny and I really enjoy and if the name of your restaurant isn’t one of those places, too freakin’ bad Dirty Harry, cuz you won’t have a chance to “make my day.” Nor Denny’s either.