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Linner With Beck's - The Induction Friendly Low Carb Late-Lunch-Early-Dinner

Day 8 - 2Week Atkins Induction - Dang! Why Is It So Easy To Eat Out on Induction?

UPDATED: Daily Menu and Totals for Day 8 are posted. Thanks for your patience!

Half Dreamland from Beck's Prime. Is this heaven? Or
am I just in Dreamland?
We’re one trick ponies. I know you think we’re chix. But we’re really one trick ponies. Ok, we're one-trick-pony-chix and Denny is the HRIC (Head Rooster In Charge).

When we find something or someplace where our needs are met, we’re happy, secure, and satisfied with life. We get comfortable. And that is pretty much the story of our “eating out” life. Our dining life. There are a handful of places Denny and I really enjoy and if the name of your restaurant isn’t one of those places, too freakin’ bad Dirty Harry, cuz you won’t have a chance to “make my day.” Nor Denny’s either.

The front page of Beck's Prime website says it all!
One of our favorite burger haunts is Beck’s Prime, a leader in the casual dining domain, with 12 locations in the Houston area and a Dallas expansion coming soon.

So many reasons to love Beck's, so little time. We ate at Beck’s Prime throughout the entire 12 months of cancer treatment. When I was too tired and sick to cook during chemo, and couldn’t think of anything at home to force down, we went to Beck’s Prime. Even though my sissies and friends kept the freezer chock full of tempting taste treats, we went to Beck’s Prime.

When I couldn’t figure out how to swallow during radiation? Beck’s Prime. I could always figure out how to swallow something from Beck’s Prime. The first place we went after surgery? You guessed it! Ding Ding Ding to the little lady in the third row! You know who you are, you DFSW (Delicate Flower of Southern Womanhood), you!

Beck's Prime specializes in fresh, fast!
Beck’s Prime burgers are made from the finest Angus beef, have zero fillers, zero hormones, no soy in sight (unless you are a veggie burger or one of the very rare pre-made dressings).

Beck's also thrives "beyond the burger" and mesquite grills awesome steaks, chicken and tuna steaks. Amazing sides such as grilled veggies (TLF – To Live For) and salads. Forget about having to order a “bunless” anything unless you just roll that way! They have plates.

This casual dining experience. This prince among casual dining restaurants with drive-thru windows has real, honest to Gawd stoneware plates. And to fill those plates? Yep. They have real dinners. Real meat and veggies – hold the fattening carb crap stuff! Can you believe that? Even better, they are one of the few restaurants who do NOT use soybean oil as part of their grill oil or their salad dressings. They make most of their dressings from scratch and those are 100% olive oil.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you belong to the Carbaratti Family (those daring gamblers of health - the high carb, SAD eaters), Beck's loves you too. They make fantastic hand cut fries and sweet potato fries (or so I've heard - ahem). Beck’s also makes baked potatoes, rice and amazing looking shakes. I’ve never had one of the shakes either. I swear. I swear I never inhaled. Beck's Prime is a well-rounded restaurant offering much to many.

We spoke with the manager of the Willowbrook Location (here in Houston), and discussed the standards of food and it matched perfectly with our experiences at Beck’s. During my cancer treatments, the staff of Beck’s Prime did everything but carry me to my table. They probably would have done that too had I asked, but I didn’t.

No need to thank me, Chris-the-Manager! I’m a big girl! I wouldn’t want anyone to break their backs!  ;) No request was too big! Even including our visit yesterday, they dern near asked if they could peel me a grape!

Denny's melted Half Volcano! Kaboom hunger! Gone!
So, to wrap it up for you. Great food. Great service. CLEAN. Did I fail to mention, CLEAN? The bathroom always passes my Inspector 12 once-over and salute.

And Beck’s Prime is a restaurant where I KNOW the outcome of dinner before we even pull up at the front door. I KNOW I will be able to eat soy-free, like my oncologist wants me to eat. I KNOW I will have a delicious and piping hot, healthy, low carb meal. I KNOW that Beck's Prime has sooo much more to offer than burgers and salads!

Hat’s off Beck’s Prime! Shew! Gushing over! Resume normal activity everyone!

Now. Having said this all. There’s one thing I want you to know and I think you know my outspoken self enough to know I won’t bull**** you on something as important as your health or pocketbook. Beck’s Prime – Willowbrook Location, graciously granted my request to sponsor a $20 gift card for the May 1, drawing being offered to all Fluffy Chix Cook Blog Followers. So if you aren’t a blog follower, you need to click on that button to the right to “Join This Site.” You will also need to travel to Houston (travel not included) to experience Beck’s Prime delicious cookin’.

Beck's Prime $20 Gift Card, one of the giveaway items
for a lucky reader - just click on "Join this Site" on the right
to become eligible to win on May 1!
I woulda sung Beck’s Prime’s praises anyway, cuz we eat there enough. And trust me my “I-Will-Never-Step-Foot-In-That-Place-Again” list is long and illustrious. I’ve been known to place a restaurant on my list simply for lookin’ at me wrong. Did I mention we are one trick ponies? I think I did…but heck, is it any wonder?

And with Beck’s within spittin’ distance, why do we need to find any place else to go spend our money on great food, great service, clean, friendly atmosphere and fresh iced tea? Oh and they have a huge patio with tables and umbrellas for cool, people watching!

Lest I forget!!! As I mentioned earlier, Beck’s Prime has 12 locations throughout the Greater Houston Area and will be extending into Dallas, Texas, this summer. I believe the new location will be on Forest Lane in Dallas. Please be sure to visit their site and feel free to drool. Take precautions though, cover your keyboard.

Keyboards and drooling…not a good mix. Ask me how I know.

Day 8 – 2Week Induction Menus and Totals

Induction Cheese Bread with Scrambled Egg
Chunky Guacamole Stack - yum, leftovers!
3 c. Decaf Coffee, unsweetened
1 Induction Cheese Bread
1 large Egg, whole
1/2 tsp Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. Chunky Guacamole
1 Grape Tomato

(Note: One thing to learn when low carbing is breakfast doesn't have to be made from traditional breakfast foods or cereals or even yogurts.

Leftovers are your friend! I purposely cook enough food in most meals in order to have leftover elements that can be re-purposed and given new life in a different meal. That way it doesn't take as long to put a whole new meal together!)


Half Dreamland
Iced Tea, unsweetened

*So full no room for anything else the rest of theday, except water! I also shared part of the grilled onions with Denny!

Daily Totals

Click image to enlarge.

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