Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rockin' Radish Browns

Keto-licious brunch totals only 7g Net Carbs! Radish
Browns compliment fried eggs, bacon, turkey sausage
and Psylli Turmeric Pancakes

I believe I’ve mentioned once or twice, that Sunday brunch is a special thing between Denny, “the boys” and me. We try to cook a beautiful brunch each week as a way of having time to relax and visit, drink a few cups of quality decaff coffee, and catch up with what’s gone down the previous week and what we face in the coming week. The kitchen feels warm and inviting, the fragrances emanating from it smell divine, and time slows down. Relaxation and joy in the moment is the order of the day. Brunch is the meal I look most forward to each week.