Sunday, August 26, 2012

Low Carb Enchiladas Verdes - Lazy Leftovers Strike Back

Hatch Green Chile Fest continues to reign supreme in kitchen stadium!

Low Carb Green Enchiladas with Pork or
Enchiladas Verdes de Puerco - gluten free (if you can have
dairy), Paleo and diabetic friendly. And the best part?
They are Girlish Figure Approved (GFA!)
A moment on the lips,
forever off your hips!
I figured for once you might appreciate if I finish an idea thread with all the associated recipes before running off on another tangent! I hope by now you aren’t bored with the whole Green Chili Festival thing! We have so many recipes to explore! The next two posts will be recipes that build upon using an element or elements of things already made. Let’s call them Lazy Leftovers. Or Sloppy Seconds – your pick!

One of the things I love about planned abundance – that’s a nice way to say, “That Susie, she cooks like she’s cooking for 10 people instead of 2 adults, 5 sock monkeys, a little toy dog, a stuffed giraffe, and the little dog’s stuffed sock monkey baby. Hey wait! That is almost 10 isn’t it? But none of the menagerie eat much…

So one of the things I love about cooking in batches is that it allows me to morph dishes into really fantastic complex, multi-step dishes at a moment’s notice and with little effort. I look like a culinary wizard, but really I’m just Lazy Susie, taking shortcuts and scoring points in the kitchen.