Monday, May 30, 2011

Fancy Pants Swiss Chard With Sun Dried Tomatoes, Pine Nuts and Garlic

Swiss Chard – An Anti-Cancer Rock Star

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Few people south of the Mason Dixon can claim ignorance about “greens.” No, I don’t mean salad greens either. Salad greens = Iceberg Lettuce back in the day. We might see an occasional curly or red leaf lettuce but that was only after Mama and Daddy got

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breast Cancer

Sorry to everyone to be less than current on posts.

I've had some unexpected test results come in and it looks like I'm going to be battling breast cancer in the future months. I don't mind telling you that fear has me in its nasty grip and I'm up and down faster than a rollercoaster.

Waiting to get into the doctors and see what they have to say and how they want to attack this beast. And I can truthfully tell you its the wait of my life. I'm not feeling very motivated to work or post right now. What little sleep I'm getting leaves me in a state of unrest, anxiety and exhaustion.

So sorry to let you all down and hope you will hang in there for a bit and let me get my sea-legs with all of this news. I believe I will be posting more than ever once I find balance. I believe in the way I'm eating (well maybe "brown" will have to take a bit of a back seat in favor of green, but I believe I will still pursue a low carb way of life and will still pursue fats in favor of carbs and excessive proteins).

I will be back in touch soon to post a new flavor packed, sassy, Texan thread.

Blessings all around!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Food Porn Surfing

Surfs up! Begin surfing food porn NOW!

Sometimes teasing is better than eating.

BBQ Beef Rib, Grilled Italian Sausage, Revolution Roll Focaccia
with Bruschetta, Ugly Green Beans and Chile Lime Slaw
 Go ahead admit it. You like porn. Food porn that is…

Honk If You Love Food Porn!
So do I! Many would call us obsessed or doomed to failure because our life with food appears out of balance.

But I say, “Pish, posh, piffle!”

Surfing food porn doesn’t mean anything of the sort. It means we take pleasure in food and that’s ok. I believe God says, “That’s ok!”

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Omelet Mess

Any Omelet This Big Has To Be Called An Omelet Mess

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Omelet Mess - the omelet so big it threated to seize
control of the kitchen! So I ate it.
First off, let me get right to it. Omelet should be spelled with 2 “Ts” and 3 “Es”. It should look like Omelette. I’m just sayin’.

Now…second thing I’m gonna say? If more omelets looked like this picture, more people would be dreamin’ about their last big omelet in the same way we dream of other comfort food – oh say, chicken n’ dumplings for instance. But they don’t and we can’t.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smart Margarita

Think of This as Low Carb Margarita 2.1 - The Next Generation (That's 2.1 net carbs Thank You Very Much!)

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You can’t have Cinco de Mayo without having a margarita or at least a beer with ice and lime, right? I mean, Cinco de Mayo is synonymous with “drink heavily of tequila and eat great Mexican food” – right? Am I right?

Eating a low or controlled carb diet doesn’t have to mean “the end” to your favorite sweet

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Stack

Seriously Stacked, It's Where It's At! The El Chupacabre of Leftovers! Olé!

Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Stack -
the king of Tex Mex.
Dang! Green Chili Chicken Enchilada Stack - now that’s a mouthful, and you haven’t even picked up a fork yet. Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas epitomizes Tex Mex comfort food at its best. I hear ya. You’re sayin’, but where is the red sauce? Where is the enchilada sauce?!!!
Sometimes it’s good to go green! I could even go so far as to call this a king among Tex Mex