Thursday, April 5, 2012

Low Carb Sugar Free Chocolate Dipped Pudding Eggs Make Easter Fun!

“No, I like them crunchy. I could eat a hundred melted Peeps!”

Low Carb Sugar-Free Chocolate Dipped Pudding Eggs
taste like chocolate dipped melted Peeps!
That’s what Joey from Friends woulda said had he eaten these Low Carb Chocolate Dipped Pudding Eggs.

It IS what Denny said when I proclaimed in discouragement that I felt like I should have taken a bit more time to get the erythritol and xylitol blended into a finer powder.

Powdered Erythritol and Xylitol is smoother and blends into confectionary better than granular because Erythritol, especially, LOVES to be a crystal and resists changing composition. So the Low Carb Chocolate Dipped Pudding Eggs have a little "attitude" and crunch bit with their meltingly soft center.