Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 2 - 2 Week Atkins Induction Challenge

Day 2 – SusieT Report
Weight 264 lbs (-2lbs), Pre-poopy
FBG - 103
Pain - 4

Mood - 9
Walking - 30 Minutes

Susie’s Comments –

Note to Self - Count Your Blessings!
As expected, I’m down a couple of pounds from yesterday. Water weight for certain. I was peeing like Secretariat yesterday so could almost feel the fluid departing from my swollen and inflamed body.

Even though I ate the ginormous half of a Kitchen Sink (that’s code for the Kitchen Sink that only has 1 beef patty in it, instead of 2) at Beck’s Prime last night, I felt peckish before dropping off to sleep and wondered if I would be able to sleep due to hunger.

And that started me off feeling I’m so very blessed to have a roof over my head and warm, abundant food in my tummy. Somewhere in America there are children who aren’t as lucky. That made me very sad. So I said lots of prayers and fell asleep counting my blessings.

Counting blessings is an excellent past-time! PMA is critical to success in all of life. Too often I get sucked in to my panic of the moment or start focusing on the aftermath of the cancer – all-consuming fatigue and widespread pain and neuralgia due to the chemo, surgery and radiation – and I feel resentful of it all. I play the “why-me” game. I whine. I waste time in negative thoughts.