Friday, June 29, 2012

Why Do I Need To Know How Many Carbs My Body Can Handle?

We interrupt this post to bring you a breaking news item!!

Leave It To Beaver a classic 60's sitcom!
Image courtesy of IMDb
Fluffy Chix Cook Turkey Meatloaf will be delayed another day because I’m thinking we need to have a little talk bout ‘trition, Beaver. (That’s Nutrition to those of you who can’t read my colloquial prattle. And that’s Beaver, referencing Leave It To Beaver for those of you who are not children of the 60s and 70s. Poor you. You missed out on an awesome lot and a mostly happy era!) But good news! Apparently Leave It To Beaver, The Movie is coming to a theatre near you, soon!

I’m kinda guilty of tending away from talking about all things Nutrition Nerdville these days. Lately, Fluffy Chix mainly squawk about yummy recipes and silliness. Maybe it’s because of the cancer recovery? Maybe I’ve gotten lazy? Maybe I’m just tired of trying to convince people that this way of eating helps us and in my opinion, should be a preferential method of eating for most people. I’m talking of course, about low carb/controlled carb and paleo nutrition.

I’ve kinda left it up to the professionals and brainiacs in our nutritional world to take care of the education for all humanity on greater Earth. The brainiacs and metabolic