Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Conclusion of the 2Week Atkins Induction Challenge

Our morning walk today. Beautiful but already
starting to feel the heat from fire! (Ahem, summer.)
Conclusions, Measurements, Assessments

I woke up this morning.

Yeah. I woke up! When you’re knock, knock, knockin’ on 50’s door, that is a fork in this Texas girl’s road that becomes increasingly important with each passing year. More so this year, because of the fight with Stage IIIC Breast Cancer. (Don’t really understand yet why I’m so insistent about putting caps to those words…hmmm. Points to ponder.)

Thanks for waiting so patiently as I get caught up here in the Fluffy Chix Roost. I’m long overdue to deliver the 2 Week Atkins Inductions results. The 14th Day ended Sunday at midnight. I kissed it goodbye, filed it under “done” and am ready to climb that ladder into OWL! Come on ladder. Feets don’t fail me now!

Although staying at 20g of Net Carbs per day was pretty easy, peasy, the part of me that is headstrong and wants what I want, when I want it, really hates being confined with restrictions. Especially now after
the diagnosis, I don’t suffer the PIA (Pain In the A**) factor with graciousness like I might have done in earlier years. I no longer turn on the long-suffering DFSW (Delicate Flower of Southern Womanhood), fading violet, martyr act our Mama taught us so well. I vocally wench and whine and buck at “the man trying to keep me down.”

So yeah, at 20g of Net Carbs, with rules about what can and can’t be eaten, it felt like…hmmm, could it be, a diet? Yes, you biotch! It’s a diet! I said it. That awful, not-so-nice four letter word – diet. Smug little turd.

Back when I first started living low carb I glommed onto the 20g Induction. I thought, “Self, if you adhere religiously to the Induction Rules and Regs you will lose more weight, faster, better, stronger, truly, madly, deeply!

No need to find out what the OWL ladder is, it’s too complex.” I told myself.


That didn’t get me very far. It got me about ohhh…as Ron White would say, “All the way to the scene of the crash!”

A secret message on the path walking back to the car. You
couldn't see it going out, but could see it coming in - like
a secret message written in invisible ink!
For real. Come to find out I’m nothin’ but a cheater and a backslider. Seriously. No willpower atall. But dang it, in my mind, for those glorious weeks when I did repent and re-induct, I had virtue. I was virtuous.

And superior. I found the holy grail and keys to the kingdom. I “KNEW” how to eat for longevity and health.

Then I would binge.

Then I would confess and atone.

Then binge.

Then confess/atone. Sigh. Well, you get the picture.

I see-sawed my way out of 70lbs. Then I got Breast Cancer. And I went on the I’m-terminal-and-can-eat-anything-I-want-kill-yourself-with-food-diet. I called it my “MakeAWish” Diet because I wished I could eat that way and not turn into a fat cow! Well, surprise, I regained somewhere around 35-40 painful pounds! Make a Wish – my a**!

So this time around, after months of careful eating and dieting throughout cancer treatment, I’m down under 230lbs for the first time in about ohhhhhh - twelve freakin’ years!!!!

Thank you very much! And I intend to “stick it”, but! One big difference. Limiting and stayin’ at 20g of carbs isn’t in my book and doesn’t equal moral pulchritude. I’m climbing out and up as fast as my chubby little legs can go! Just hide and watch!

Here's how it all shook out –

Susie T Commentary –
Induction was a very successful venture. I managed to lose 8 pounds and .5 inches off my non-existent boobs (hello, fat back, you’re not long for this world, I have your number.) I lost 1 inch off my waste and 1 inch off my very ample hiney.

Although I didn’t hit the 10% goal I secretly longed for, I came pretty dern close! I aimed to lose 10% of the amount of weight I targeted to lose.

So let’s do the math: 236lbs – 150lbs = 86lbs to lose to make goal.

And 10% of 86lbs would be 8.6lbs.

My fasting blood sugars also went down a bit. I'm happy to see that as well! Another positive health marker to note.

So I’m slightly short of reaching goal but it’s close enough for horseshoes, hand grenades and Atkins Induction! I’m calling goal accomplished! Now gimme my extra 5g of carbs a day for this week and set me free!

Day 1 – April 16, 2012 – 2 Week Atkins Induction

SusieT Report

Weight – 236lbs (Pre-poopy) – Severely Overweight Category, 65” Tall
Measurements – 42 – 39 – 49
Pain – 6
Mood – 9
Fasting Blood Glucose - 109
Goal – 150lbs (or bust)

Daily Goal – 20g Net Carbs or Less/Daily, Walk 30 Minutes/Daily

Day 15 – April 30, 2012 – 2 Week Atkins Induction

Susie T Report

Weight – 228.0lbs (Post-poopy) – Severely Overweight Category; 65” Tall
Measurements – 41.5 – 38 – 48
Pain – 4
Mood – 9
Fasting Blood Glucose – 98
Goal – 150lbs (or bust)
Daily Goal – 25g Net Carbs in OWL, adding 5g of carbs each week to my CLL, Walk 30 Minutes/Daily

Hey, drop me a line in the comment area if you are interested in seeing me put up a section where I post my daily menu with occasional meal photos. I can’t promise recipes from them, but there may be the odd recipe generated here or there from them! Let me know!!!


  1. So are you going to add the foods back rung by run these next couple weeks or add them all back to the rungs you were at originally? Just curious...

    1. Hi Kent, great question! I'm definitely going to walk the OWL Ladder as closely as I can! Meaning, I don't often open the New Atkins for a New You book and go step by step. Part of what I do is drawn from memory - i.e. the Revolution Rolls using Dr. Atkins recipe with cottage cheese. I thought this whole last two weeks that it was Induction Friendly. Come to find out, it isn't in the NANY Version of Induction! Doh! So invariably, I will probably pull some boneheaded stunt that negates NANY plans and end up pulling rules out of '72 and '92 Atkins.

      LOL, can ya tell I've been around more than a little? plan for this week is that I'm eating at the Level 3 right now and including nuts. For the last 3 days I've added back Walnuts and also added back, 2 Brazil Nuts per day (for Selenium). I'm at 25g of Net Carbs.

      This morning the scale was unkind. I'm up to 231.2lbs. But I think that has more to do with the cheesapalooza I threw for Denny and me last night. Hello, water retention. I made quick cheese crust pepperoni pizza and leftover meatsace with zucchini linguini.

      Tomorrow I will probably add back berries - either blackberries or strawberries and see how that goes. So far no cravings or increased hunger and my FBG this morning was 102.

      This week, I will probably allow up to Rung 5 - which is the cottage cheese, soft cheese rung! Haha, that I was already doing in Induction - cuz I'm ignorant.

      Then depending how I do on the 25g of carbs through Rung 5 of this week, I will make decisions for next week.

      Well crap. I just saw that tomato is at Rung 7. *sigh*. So I've already screwed up this week and through Induction, cuz I have been adding tomatoes since Day1. So bottom line, I don't know what the hell I've been doin' the last 2 weeks - but it wasn't "By the book Atkins as defined by NANY". :( *sob* *cry* *hic* *tantrums*

    2. So continuing...Kent, next week, let's assume I continue to lose - maybe I will hold off adding back the fruits this week.

      I will finally look at adding back a few legumes and the fruits and eat at 30g of carbs. I do kinda miss having a couple tablespoons of hummus with jicama and kohlrabi! It's was a staple quick lunch for me.

      Since I already have tomotoes here that would spoil, I will continue to eat those until they are gone, but will abstain from any further "red sauces". I will then wait until I get to Rung 7 to add them back! Doh. What a schmoe, huh?

    3. That is one of the reasons I stick the original or semi-original - DANDR. I have read that book forward and backward and still consider it the gold standard. Tomatoes in that version are an Induction Friendly "Other Vegetable" i.e. 1 cup per day. NANY may work for some, but it seems way to persnickety for me. You have not screwed up. You just followed a plan that in my mind has not been superseded. It's just like Atkins for Life book was dramatically different than DANDR and essentially took SBD approach with no rungs after Induction.

      If you want to follow the 1972 or 1999 or 2002/3 plan, I say follow it. There is nothing wrong with it.

    4. Shew that makes me feel better! I got a little concerned because one of the readers called me on the Induction Rolls and also on the Cheese Bread not being Induction Friendly.

      I got the basis for both of those recipes from the '72 book from the Recipe Section. So had to go look! Then talking with you about OWL, I went and checked NANY and the tomato rung is all the way at 7. Holy smokes, Batman! Stop the presses!

      Hehe, so it does make me feel good to know, I will just tell everyone that I'm on the DANDR version. I also have read that book so many times! I could almost quote by heart. To me, DANDR and '72 were the true rules.

      But, I will say this, for people who need more structure and need to watch fat more, then NANY might be the best place to start. I do watch my fat content in order to lose, but it's just a smidge lower than the DANDR and '72 totals consistently shake out to. (I don't like the reduced fat dairy stuff being espoused by NANY. Let me just say that. I think it's dangerous stuff in the long run.)

      But I do think I may wait to reintroduce berries and fruit until next week, just to give me something to look forward to. Ha!

      Thanks again for your AWESOME praise and post on AtkinsDietGeek(dot)com! I would put your link in here but don't want you to get spammed!

  2. You are a breath of fresh air. To these old ears, that is. I used to be naturally thin. Until I wasn't anymore. Now, I struggle with every single pound. (I quit Premarin to see if that's going to help -- but if the "natural" creams don't work, you can bet your sweet bippy I'm back on hormones.) I, too, am knocking on 50's door. I 'found' you through Jamie but I adore Kent, too, so it was no surprise seeing your link there. I love the idea of walking the rung, but I married and gave birth to (at 40!) the biggest carbloaders on the planet, so I just swap out the "white foods" and I'm hoping to eventually get where I need to be, Lipid Wise and Weight Wise.

    This? "So invariably, I will probably pull some boneheaded stunt that negates NANY plans and end up pulling rules out of '72 and '92 Atkins." I love. And I can so relate.

    I, too, am giving my backfat a limited time before eviction papers are served. I hope, I hope, I hope. :)

    Love your style -- you keep on keepin' on, girl!

    "El Paso"

    1. Hey El Paso, Que Paso??? Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too!!!

      I was all set to make Kent's Bic Mac Casserole yesterday and got a "by" *snort* due to "inclement joints and generalized fatigue" and so was going to make it today then realized I'm running out of time for Cinco de Mayo and in Texas, as you know, that's a hangin' offense!

      Soooo. Poor Kent's Big Mac Casserole will have to haunt me until Sunday. Booked up til then. Sheesh I'm not even pope-ular. I'm fixin' to go start on Low Carb Pork Street Tacos in honor of CdM!

      Thanks for sharing your story with us and it's great to get to know you! I look forward to havin' fun together! By the way, was it YOU who stole the "g" from my keyboard, El Paso?

  3. I also stick to '72 NDR. Mostly. LMAO!

    1. Yeah, I used to too, then I got cancer and went on the Make-A-Wish-Diet and suddenly I'm pulling attitude and tellin' '72 to kiss my lily white a**, cuz I'm not into abstemiousness any longer. :) I'm a rebel, I guess. I have the sh** kicker belt buckle to proove it! :D

  4. I would LOVE to see your daily menus!! I am 41 Mommy of 3 weighing in at 221 :( Have read alot of your blog posts and I am now officially hooked to your blog :) So happy I found it!!

    1. Low Carb Mama! Welcome and hope you are also "hooked ON" the blog! ;) Haha. You're the only one who voiced a desire for daily menus. I will think about it and if you can find a few others to agree with you, I will consider doing that. It's quite a bit of work to start a new section on the blog cuz of how blogger works...don't get me started!

      So let's see if others jump in here with a desire for this stuff.

      Cudos on mommying 3! Wow they must keep you busier than a one arm paper hanger!

      Hope the recipes and info help with your weight loss journey. I know reading other's blogs sure help me!!!


  5. Hiya! I have just found your site and am loving it!! I have been on Atkins/low carb since last year April and have lost over 8 kilo's but all these people going on about energy boosts and how the weight is falling off them... erm, not me :( but then I too have problems keeping to the new strict induction, I keep thinking I'm doing well and then go and find a food I am eating a lot of I shouldn't be.... ah well. What are these rungs you and Kent are on about?? And I too wouldn't mind seeing daily menus but if they are too much of a pain, please don't bother :) Greetings from autumnal Amsterdam (and that's waithout having much of a summer - bummer!) x

    1. Hi Nikki,

      If you go back 2 weeks worth of posts, you will see the daily menus for the 2 weeks induction.

      As to the "ladder" or rungs. That is explained in the NANY book, New Atkins for a New You. It's also in the DANDR book and all the versions of Atkins. It discusses the process of climbing the carb ladder to determine your specific level of carbs necessary for losing weight.

      There is also another book out by the 2 oof the authors of the New Atkins for a New You - Drs. Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek called The Art And Science of Low Carbohydrate Living (plus I think there is also a sequel), that you may want to read. It discusses the need to limit protein to your personal protein level.

      I will be trying that once I am through surgery on Tuesday. I'm going in for my first reconstruction surgery from breast cancer.

    2. Oh and huge congrats on your successful weight loss accomplishment!!! Cudos!


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