Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's Time To Play WhatsThatInYourFreezer Wednesday!

Game show contestants - Put your thinking caps on and start your engines!!!

Left side of chest freezer - Level I

Hello! And welcome to WhatsThatInYourFreezer Wednesday, an exciting new web phenomenon-menon of its own making.

Are you ready to play?

WhatsThatInYourFreezer Wednesday is brought to you by the letter “D” for Denny, who in his infinite wisdom decreed that I must edit the contents of our freezer forthwith or suffer the consequences!

Right side basket of chest freezer - Level 1
Pretty scary huh? Suffering consequences... Well I have firsthand knowledge how much that bites the big one! Let me tell you. I don’t like suffering consequences if this past year with breast cancer is anything to go by.

For the first time on national internet (thank you Al Gore for inventing it), I will show you the interior of our chest freezer and the freezer connected to our ice box - along with all the permafrost science experiments contained within – cooked and uncooked. Oh such treasures!

Right side of chest freezer - Level 2
But back to Denny. He’s told me I must freezer dive or have all budgets cut due to LOF (Lack of Funding). He shared that any new blog projects must either consist of the gazillions of recipes I’ve already photographed but haven’t had time to write about, or - and that’s a BIG O-R, I must freezer dive for the contents of our meal – and the subsequent post.

He wants all pre-1982 food gone within the month! Within the month! Pre-1982! What's he thinking?


How can I possibly meet such steep guidelines? He said I am not allowed to add one more item TO the freezer without first making at least 2 withdrawals. That way, he explained, I should have the contents of the freezer emptied and defrosted by the end of - well, have you ever heard of the twelfth of never?

Whatevah will I do? I’m a DFSW with a dilemma of Scahlett proportions.

Well, I’m issuing a challenge to myself and to you, if you’re willing to play along with me!? I’m making lemonade outta lemons! We’re gonna play WhatsThatInYourFreezer Wednesdays!

Side-By-Side Door
Every Wednesday by 9am (except today of course since I only thought of this game 30 minutes ago out of desperation). I will post what I found in the deep freeze (Deep Freeze, sounds like a rap star).

You may give your input about what I should make or do with the item and I will pick the best idea and make something from it or with it. You have until 3:30pm, the same day, to give your suggestions.

You can assume I have a wide variety of staples like garlic, onion, green onion, red bell peppers, salad stuff, spinach, cauliflower – that sort of thing. I also have vast amounts of condiments, herbs, spices, vinegars, and olive oil – also ghee and butter and some bacon grease.

The "Boys" - Tony, Schylling, Buddy, Kevin, their
little dog WeeWee and WeeWees sock monkey
baby, Skeeter
Please understand, “Cramming it where the sun won’t shine” – will not be construed as a healthy or acceptable input in this establishment or for the purposes of this game.

The “Boys”, you remember our boys Budy, Tony, Kevin, Schylling, their little dog WeeWee and WeeWee’s little baby, Skeeter, already helpfully suggested that! Do I make myself clear on this?

I will post the resulting recipe or menu item by Friday of the same week. Hey, I have to have time to put the photos together and write about the adventure, don’t I? Additionally, I will create a new tabbed section (hopefully I still remember how to do that) titled Freezer Diving and every time I Freezer Dive, I will post a photo of the resulting meal/dish. My goal is to freezer dive at least 3 meals per week until the entire contents of all frozen foods are gone from the premises.

G-O-N-E, gone.

Or until I am. Which could be a distinct possibility! Maybe that’s why we need more freezer space? I still have nightmares about Kevin dispatching me to sleep wit da fishes!

Okay! Let’s get started!

03.07.12 WhatsThatInYourFreezer Wednesday Featured Phenom is…drumroll please!

Ground Beef (circa November 2011)

Ground Chuck - Circa November 2011

Fresh Purple Hull Peas (circa Summer 2011)

Purple Hull Field Peas were fresh last summer when I
froze them.


p.s. In the interest of time, I will be updating this post to include photos but I wanted to get this up asap!

Now, seriously…


Oh and don't forget to cast your vote on whether tonight's offering will make us swallow or spit!


  1. Geez, I'd love to help ya, there, girlie, but I got NO CLUE what the hell a "purple hull field pea" even IS! LOL!

    I've been making some REAL good chili with ground beef, ground pork, and ground chicken. Yeah, I know - that is NOT "REAL" Texas chili!

    How about taco salads?

  2. LOL, a purple hull field pea is kinda like a black eyed pea. They're called purple hull peas here. :)

    Your chili sounds yummy. Why isn't it REAL Texas Chili? I don't see any beans in your ingredients! ;) In Texas chili that has beens in it is called "stew". :) Taco salad sounds like a real possibility!

  3. TACO"S with BEP's as a side dish with Zin

  4. Tacos with Zin or Sin? :) Why not just SAY the name of the movie you want to see?

  5. I think with the ground beef you should make:
    Tacos of course (easy, with the use of very few ingredients) and for the Purple Hull Peas: saute some onion or shallots in bacon grease add the peas and voila top with some cilantro. Yum

  6. Ahhhh! Two votes for Tacos! You know you are stepping outside the boundaries of Taco Tuesdays, don't you? You are likely to unleash the hounds of hell or some kind of Grimmly chaos in this neck of the woods, don't you???

    The peas with onion and bacon grease and cilantro sound very south of the border!! I almost hear pickled purple onions calling our name, too!

  7. Just to let y'all know, I kinda did a mash-up of all 3 suggestions! I made a quick chili with the meat and made taco shells out of cheese and we are having tacos along with a warm black eyed pea and purple onion salad with bacon dressing! I don't have the energy to get the bacon out and make it, so bacon grease will have to do!

    Hugs all around and thanks for playing. Recipes and photos will follow on Friday. Let me know what sites you would like me to link to and talk about in the post! Link love is your reward!!!

  8. Your freezer looks in better shape than mine. Thinking of how I can sneak some of my crap into yours! LOL

  9. Haha - I'd sleep wit da fishes for sure if you did that!!! Hugs and great to see you here!


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