Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's That In Your Freezer Wednesday Results Are In for March 7, 2012

Ok, the new results are in for the first running of What's That In Your Freezer Wednesdays (WTIYF Wednesdays). I've started a new tab where we will play the game and where all results and recipes will be given.

Fluffy Chix Talk Freezer Diving page is up!

Oh and in addition to WTIYF Wednesdays, I will be freestyle Freezer Diving a couple more days a week. I will be posting photos and maybe recipes if they are worthy! Stay tuned!

Hope to see you there - it's just a couple of clicks away and you can easily click to get back to Fluffy Chix Cook Home Page.

I'm happy to report pleasing results from this week's game. Yummy Taco Tuesday took a backseat to Low Carb WTIYF Wednesdays Tacos! We have recipes and photos up on the new page.

WTIYF Wednesdays Low Carb Tacos with Cheese Shells and
Warm TexMex BEP Salad


  1. K it was really good. The shells were on the fragile side but that's because I make them "lacy" instead of using a solid sheet of cheese! I shave calories off that way!


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