Monday, July 30, 2012

Cheap Texas Labor Day and CarbSmart

Happy Monday everyone! Just wanted to give you a head's up. The new article about throwin' a low brow, low carb, Labor Day Party Texas-style is up on CarbSmart.

Thank you to all my helpers and friends from LCF, who gave great ideas for the Labor Day Party on a tight budget.

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to use any names, etc due to TOS issues, please know I appreciate each one of you!!

I hope you will come check it out and leave me a hello!

I will be back soon with some bit of ridulous nonsense!


  1. Awesome, Susie! Congrats - I just went over there and was blown away by your talent.

    1. Thank you Jen! And thank you for your idea about the rhubarb punch! I'm working on the write-up for your new Among Friends Cookbook!


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