Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eating to Beat Breast Cancer - Part 2 and 3 of a 3 Part Series is Up at CarbSmart

Nutritious and delicious bone broth a la Dr. Mary Enig
and Sally Fallon was one of the items I ate while undergoing
treatment for Stage IIIC Breast Cancer.
Whooooooo doggey. Seems like I'm always apologizin' for bein' away. I leave you guys sittin' there wonderin', "Why don't she write?"

You'd be forgiven for thinking I mighta gotten shot by an arrow and fell dead, plumb off my wagon as I was headin' west - like that poor fellow in Dances With Wolves. But I haven't. Sadly, my time at the puter is limited these days as is time in the kitchen. I have to rebuild the muscles in my back because they get very fatigued, which sets off a huge storm of pain.

You see, I had my angels' wings clipped as part of the reconstruction surgery 1 of 3-4 on Ginger and Mary Ann 2.0. Smaller, stronger, perkier and best yet, the replacement pair are not supposed to conspire to kill me like the original pair tried to do last year.

Graphic images of angel wingectomy (Latissimus Dorsi Flap Procedure) ahead. Look away if you can! I cannot be responsible for makin' you hurl.
The hunks of fat on either side of my incisions are parly swelling and partly expanded skin. The Wizard of Plastics did that so he would have plently of self-donor skin and healthy non-irradiated flesh to work with to rebuild my lovely lady bumps. They are hugely unattractive and you will be forgiven for wondering why I have not 2, but 4 boobs (a pair in the front and a bonus boob on each side under my arms). They remain very sensitive since they are still so swollen. Because I am a pain wimp, this has not been the walk in the park I was semi-led to believe...

Remember, I'm FLUFFY not fat, dammit!

Click to enlarge if you dare.

Click to enlarge if you dare.

Click to enlarge if you dare.
This is just the incision on one side. There's a matching incision
on the left side. I had 4 drains out f each side.
But dangit! I digress. So Part II of Eating to Beat Breast Cancer is up and at 'em over at CarbSmart Magazine. I'm hoping you will show me a bit of love by going over to read and leave a message in the actual article comments!

Part III or Eating to Beat Breast Cancer is also up over at the magazine. Hope to see you there and please leave a message in the comments over at the magazine so it looks like someone has taken an interest in the article and actually read it? :D Thanks! You're the greatest (all 2 of you reading here)!

I'm working on getting the next recipe post together. I'm thinking Fluffy Chix Cook might break the sweet silence and give you something sweet for Halloweeny!


  1. Oh Suz. I do transcription that talks about latissimus dorsi flaps all the time. I had not ever seen pictures of it. Bless your heart! This looks like a whole lotta NO fun. Sending more love and healing light your way. xox

    1. {{Margi}} hope I didn't shock you with the photos! They are pretty graphic and besides being large incisions (I had in mind that they would only be a couple of inches and would sit higher on my shoulders...he (the Wizard of Plastics) made great incisions. The scars once healed will be very small.

      So out of curiousity, what does a lot of your transcription work say about lat flap surgeries? Are they considered easy peasy surgeries and I'm being a wimp or are they as major as they are in my little private Idaho?

      I purposely did NOT do any research once I decided to move forward with the rebuilding project. I was already freaked out enough about having to be on my tummy during surgery.

  2. I was wondering how you were doing. Get better:)

    1. Hi Carol,

      Sorry to have kinda dropped off the face of the earth. The preparation leading up to the surgery over the last few months, then the healing have really kicked me in the tookus!!!

      Your blog and newsletter are doing awesome, girl! Congratulations!!!! MUAH!


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