Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rotisserie Chicken Makes a Great Dinner With Leftovers

Atkins Induction dinner - Rotisserie Chicken
I’m not above eating prepared rotisserie chicken. The HEB rotisserie chicken is really delicious, moist, convenient, and isn’t too jam-packed with questionable ingredients. And I will confess—when I’m swamped, or pooped, I buy it. And lick my fingers after every bite!

But I’m not a child of the Popeil Bass-o-matic for nothin’! I am and always will be a tightwad. You can chalk that up to being homeless as a kid, when my Dad, Mom and I shared 1 bedroom, in our friend’s 3 bedroom apartment. I truly object to paying $6.99 for a 2-3lb rotisserie chicken!

"The Boys" - Buddy, Tony, Kevin, Schylling, Zippy, their little
toy dog, WeeWee, WeeWee's baby Skeeter and Stretch the Giraffe.
Call me crazy, but that’s outrageous!

I routinely find chicken on sale for $0.69-0.77/lb. Fryers average 3-4lbs per bird—that’s $2.07-$3.08 per bird plus 15 active minutes of my time and about $0.50 or less of spices and mustard and 80 minutes of electricity.

When I realized just how often I resorted to the $6.99 rotisserie chicken convenience-food, I quickly convinced myself (and Denny) about our need for one of those 2am Ronco Rotisserie ovens. You know, those are the counter-top rotisserie ovens on continually-looped infomercials aired around the world from 2AM to 4AM? Of course The Boys (you remember our boys don’t you?) were on-board with it, envisioning all the uses they had for putting things on sticks that go round-and-round with a "one-station-tv-window" for watching to see what happens when you put things on sticks in front of a fire that goes round and round. Marshmallows, weinies, and their little brother Zippy were the most frequently discussed options.

And so we got one. And it works great! We cook 2 chickens on it with plenty for leftovers. One average-sized fryer yields between 3-4 cups of meat (minus skin and bones)--about 20 ounces of meat only (12oz white meat, 8oz dark meat). Don't forget to save the carcasses and any uneaten skin for bone broth!

The crispy bits of the Rotisserie Chicken are the best part!
I hear HEB will be closing their northwest Houston store as a result.

Atkins Day 6 (Remember it’s a FD for me today, which is NOT part of Atkins Induction)

Day 6 Daily Total: 493 Calories; 28g Fat (53.0% calories from fat); 43g Protein; 13g Carbohydrate; 5g Dietary Fiber; 186mg Cholesterol; 8g Net Carbohydrate

Breakfast & Lunch (0)
decaffeinated coffee, black, unsweetened

Dinner (493 Calories; 28g Fat (53.0% calories from fat); 43g Protein; 13g Carbohydrate; 5g Dietary Fiber; 186mg Cholesterol; 8g Net Carbohydrate)

6 ounces Rotisserie Chicken
5 ½ ounces broccoli crowns, steamed
½ tablespoon butter
5 ounces tomato, sliced


  1. I've got one of the Ronco units but have not used it yet. Your chicken looks delish!

    Enjoying this series so very much. Thank you for sharing.

    Alice B.

    1. Alice, I make rib roasts, eye of round roasts, pork loin and pork tenderloins and chickens on it. I really like it. It's kinda like a BIG easy bake oven! LOL. Hugs to you sweet friend, and thanks for posting on the web site. I get very lonely here without comments!


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