Friday, February 28, 2014

Now Accepting Applications for Volunteer Guest Blogging Posts For the Next 5 Weeks!

Fluffy Susie T. with her lovely 24/7/30 companion--
aka lymphedema bandages.
This is what I get to do the next 4-5 weeks, 24/7. It's called manual lymph drainage (massage) and lymphedema wrappings. As you can imagine, it's extremely difficult to maneuver around the kitchen and takes even longer to type one-handed--or rather, 1 handed and 1 pointer-finger. So this is an opportunity and a favor I'm requesting, from all my buddies in the blogosphere! Lymphedema is a huge inconvenience and takes life-long attention, but I am blessed that the surgeons were able to get all the nodes out of my left arm, because there were 14 of the little bastages out of 34 that had active cancer in them, and they've given me a longer life. Sure it has it's moments, but I live to love my family and friends and I'll take that.

Fluffy will be cooking and writing with one hand tied
behind her back. :( Can you or anyone you know
give her a hand - guest-posting positions available!
Do you secretly yearn to be a Fluffy Chix? Do you feel a need to say something fluffy? Or Texan? Or masquerade as a Texan? Do you feel a flight of creativity to write about anything under the low-carb, keto, paleo, primal, lchf or diabetes-friendly, sun? I mean anything in any of those categories go. Be crazy. Go wild!

Do you desire to make, eat, photograph, and show your fluffy-little-wings-off, about what an incredible low carb cook you are? (Yes, that's a preposition you see at the end of that sentence--so try not to do them when you're guest-blogging on Fluffy Chix Cook, will ya, please? If you find that a trial just remember to rewrite the sentence this way:

Do you desire to make, eat, photograph, and show your fluffy-little-wings-off, about what an incredible low carb cook you are, (fill in your favorite noun here--or expletive noun here; examples: dear, heffer, dude, b**ch, etc.)? But please, no cuss-words or I will take the palmolive to ya. And I'll do it, I promise ya!

If you have a blog or facebook group and would like to participate, please drop me a line in the comments section, with a way to contact you to discuss the schedule and details; and don't forget to share this invitation with all your friends in social media land! That's right! Tweet the he-double hockeysticks out of it. G+ it! Facebook it so many times, it feels like a billboard and gets you marked as a spammer! ;) (Ok, stop just short of that, please...)

I appreciate your efforts on behalf of this Fluffy Chix and all my loyal readers (you two know who you are, so don't stand up). Seriously, Fluffy Chix gets between 500-800 views per day. It's not Snooze-ville, but it's not exactly Grand Central either--so it may simply be a labor of love or friendship for some of you. I am extremely grateful in advance!

Thanks or as we say down here in Texas...muchas gracias!

Fluffy (aka Susie T. Gibbs aka Sooze aka that crazy chix in the tie die shirt with the bitchin'ly huge--and freakishly huge--left arm)

(See how I didn't really cuss there? I took out the "g" so nobody would count it as a cuss word!)


  1. Oh my goodness and you sweet dear! Yea for the removal of the bastages. Living and loving is highly important and YES for that!!

    I've got an idea. I'll email you!

    Alice B.

  2. Hey lady, you look so cool with the tie die shirt! :)
    Glad they got the bastages. Sending prayers, good thoughts, love and hugs from my little ole spot in Arkansas.
    I will send out word that help is needed to all my peeps this neck of the woods. Much love and my kitty cat sends a "maiow" to you too!
    BFCG - Barefootcookingirl


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