Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Join The New Low Carb Keto Recipe Club on Facebook

The new Facebook Recipe Club - Low Carb Keto Recipe Club from Carolyn Ketchum,
Maria Emmeric Leeann Teagno, Melissa Sevigny,
and me-Susie T. Gibbs (aka Sooze Gibbs)
I'm super-excited to announce this!!! My friends Carolyn Ketchum of All Day I Dream About Food, Maria Emmerich of Maria, Mind | Body | Health, Leeann Teagno of Cut The Wheat, Ditch The Sugar and Melissa Sevigny of I Breathe I'm Hungry have teamed-up to make a terrific Low Carb Keto Recipe Club on Facebook. If you haven't joined already, I really encourage you to come join us today for fantastic recipes from the leaders in Low Carb, Keto, Paleo and Primal nutrition!! Can't wait to see your smilin' faces!

And if you need more links here you go!

Low Carb Keto Recipe Club

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Fluffy Chix Cook on Twitter

Fast Days Healing Days on Facebook

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