Monday, February 20, 2012

Trader Joe's Is Comin' to Town!

Whoa Nelly! Can You Feel The Excitement?

Photo by Rick Francis/AP
 Yep, Trader Joe’s is comin’ to town and that’s even better than Santa Claus coming to town. Get ready, folks, because I believe there will be humongous over use of exclamation points in this post – you have been warned!

I (and a few dozen Houstonian Foodies) have been breathlessly waiting for Trader Joe’s, the famed California retailer, to establish an outpost anywhere near Houston.
Last November, Trader Joe’s finally delivered, putting us out of our misery. The company signed a deal to become part of The Woodlands Crossing Shopping Center at the corner of Kuykendahl and Woodlands Parkway. They’re slated to open sometime this spring.

Hurray! Yay!!! I’m jumping up and down here!

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Photo courtesy of Houston Press Blogs - Katharine Shilcutt

So, why do I care about Trader Joe’s? I can go to Whole Foods, Central Market, HEB and Hubbell & Hudson anytime I feel like it – for less than a tank of gas, too. Well folks, as high quality as all these grocery stores are, they’re expensive! Yep, that’s what all these stores have in common. And TJ’s (Trader Joe’s nic), is rumored to have great prices on their own line of organic and free range products. I don’t know about you, but I could use a break on grocery prices. I hope Trader Joe’s will set an aggressive pace and that we benefit from seeing the other chains compete.

Supposedly, Trader Joe’s will build three stores in Houston and will build in other cities in Texas, as well. You can read more about it in the Chronicle and Houston Business Journal articles.

Here are the locations, per the Chronicle:

The WoodlandsThe Woolands Crossing Shopping Center
10868 Kuykendahl Road

Upper Kirby District (I think that's that right area designation)
Former Alabama Theatre on South Sheperd
2922 S. Shepherd

Memorial Area1440 S. Voss Road

This Fluffy Chix has her shopping bag ready!
I have my car started and waiting in the drive right now for Trader Joe’s grand opening…haha. Yeah, right. I envision lines out the watoosie, don’t you? I’m sure it will take months for the crowds to thin enough to allow me to shop there.

But still.

Foodies unite. Sing it with me! Trader Joe’s is comin’ to town!

This spring!!

Spring 2012!!

Dang, now I have to go buy life insurance, cuz I can die happy!


  1. I love Trader Joes! Going to stock up there soon!

  2. You're so lucky, Suze. I was hoping we'd get one in the Temple/Killeen area. This is a pretty dense population pocket with Ft. Hood. But Noooooo!!! We did get an Aldis in the last couple months. It's nowhere near as cool as I hear Trader Joe's are. But before that, ever since our Altertson's went out, all we had was HEB and WALMART!!!! Grrrrr!

  3. I work at Heb here in the Killeen area, and word among the management... We ARE getting Trader Joe's. They bought the property where Texas Thunder Speedway is. Everyone at work is on edge because of new competition.


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