Thursday, April 26, 2012

Low Carb Chili Dogs With Buns on Atkins? Now That's Inductioneering!

Day 10 – 2Week Induction Challenge

When was the last time you were able to pick up a chili dog
with your hands and eat it while low carbing?
I will keep this post short since I already posted a long one this morning. Check out the Zucchini Ribbon Salad thread if you haven’t already! It’s TLF (To Live For)!

I’m happy to say I had an awesome Day 10. Delicious food, Induction Legal, left me hunger-free and happy. Oh yeah, I’m happy when my tummy is happy – and full! I also had good news on the scale – 232.4lbs. Yes!

Thanks to my cool hotdog buns made from my basic Revolution Roll recipe, I had amazing! I do mean. AMAZING chili dogs I actually held in my hand – no fork required. What a FUN-ctional food!

Denny likes to use a fork and knife on his Chili
Cheese Coney, so I double-down on the dogs!
So in honor of yesterday’s great food and happy tummy, Day 10 is all about the food porn! You CAN do this! Low and controlled carb/paleo eating is easy!!!

If you don’t believe me, just check out the posts from the last 10 days.

Do it! Make the change today. Your health will thank you tomorrow!

Dangit! You can eat Chili Cheese Coneys on Induction!!!

So, God is in his heaven and all is right in the world.

Here is the Day 10 Menu and Daily Total

Rotisserie Chicken from the grocery store is a time
and energy savor. Just make sure they don't use
soybean oil, flour or sugar on their birds!
Breakfast1 Rotisserie Chicken Leg with skin
3 Grape Tomatoes (one did not get eaten…it was too wrinkly!)
1 Sweet Pepper

Pick-up your chili dog in your hands!
Lunch2 Chili Dogs
2 Grape Tomatoes
1 Sweet Mini Pepper

Half of a Blue Cheese Juicy Loosey and Zucchini Ribbon
Salad with Feta, Mint and Cucumbers. Oh hold me.
Dinner½ Blue Cheese Juicy Loosey
1-1/2 c Zucchini Mint & Feta Ribbon Salad

Daily Totals

Click image to enlarge.
(Note: I was a little over on carbs yesterday. I just don't get upset about this small of a difference. I still count this as being in Induction!)

And here’s the Food Porn!


  1. Those look amazing... Great job cooking and proving how amazing Atkins Diet Induction can be.

    1. Kent they tasted so divine. They completely knocked out the craving for chili cheese coneys! Woot! I didn't even miss the old killer, high carb, white flour SAD bun. :)

      I love that people like YOU, Kent, really help spread the word out there - in life, on your blog, Atkins Diet Geek, and on UTube!! Thanks for the cudos but becoming and Inductioneer is easy!!! Right?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks hon!!! Everyone, heads up!!! Jennifer Eloff is working on finalizing the recipes for her new book, "Among Friends, Vol II". Please take a look at Jenn's incredible site, Splendid Low-Carbing with Jennifer Eloff. Just google your way to her site if you haven't already. Jen has publish 6 books total (I think? Memory...) and this will be her 7th book! She makes low carb easy too!!!! Her amazing body of work just astounds me. Hugs, hon!

      I'm blessed to have been asked to contribute a couple of recipes for one of the chapters in the Vol. II book! Wooot! Thank you Jen! Can't wait to see it and start cookin'!


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