Friday, April 27, 2012

A Free New Atkins For A New You Book Could Be Yours

Great news! I corresponded with the Atkins folks and am happy to report, they totally want to sponsor part of the May 1 drawing.

Atkins will be donating books for two lucky winners! The New Atkins For A New You by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, and Dr. Jeff S. Volek features personalized meal plans, a ton of new recipes and you get to meet people like you and me who’ve achieved success in this lifelong eating program.

I have seen so many people from a first-hand perspective lose over 100 and 150 pounds. Some have lost even more! I know of more than a handful who have lost over 250 pounds.

I'm tellin' ya! I. CAN. NOT. Make this stuff up! I can't. I'm not that creative! And I didn't believe it till I saw it with my own eyes, "Hey y'all, watch this!" Hells I'm the worst cheater on the face of the earth and as of today, I've personally lost over 83 lbs and countless inches from my ass!

The New Atkins For A New You redefines and refines the original groundbreaking work by Dr. Robert Atkins and expands on the original tenets of his diet philosophy - control those carbs at or below your personal level for losing and you control health and enhance wellness.

The book cover claims you can "Lose Up To 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks" and that's no lie. Although, I'm a turtle, I've been eating this way long enough over the last 12 years or so to have personally seen it happen for many! Some have lost even more.

Even though I was already low carb when I began my 2 Week Induction Challenge, I've still lost over 5 pounds and have lost over one inch from my non-boob chest (hello back fat), waist and hips! 

Score! Yeah, baby! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! The scale can lie all it wants, but you can't argue with the measuring tape. Talk to the measuring tape! 

Do you want to lose weight quickly?


How ‘bout becoming a lean, mean, fitness machine?


How about having Courtney Thorne-Smith’s rockin’ body?

Dang. I want her figure! I do. I covet. I’m a coveter.

I don’t know about you, but I need what the Atkins Program offers. While Inducting over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been online at their site. A LOT! Ding, ding, ding – I’m an Inductioneer, with the 2Week Induction Challenge, remember? And Atkins has a very robust, interactive community and site.

Some of you might be old enough to remember, Atkins re-launched and their free online community resource center. They literally have millions (that’s almost 11eventy billion) of registered community members with even more customizable online tools and support at their fingertips.

Atkins is unique! (Don’t we know that one?!) But registered community members get all the resources and support to complete the diet online for free at – other diets can cost upwards of $30.00 per month.

Kaching! Payola! I can’t afford some of the other pay-per-member-sites. Atkins supports you for FREE. And that’s every step of the way. Not just some introductory period that expires just as you start losin’.

One of the things that influenced me to re-induct this past two weeks is Atkins is the original. I believe it is still the leading low-carb weight loss plan! I love that living an Inductioneer’s life means never having to say I’m hungry. LOVE that! I love that most meal choices are quick and leave me with a full tummikins and a satisfied pallet.

And, you know how I love to complicate meals…the sky is your creative limit. Don’t settle for simple if you don’t wanna! Go gourmet. Atkins has that covered too and it’s within limits of the plan – even as an Inductioneer!

I truly haven’t met a craving I can’t address during Atkins Induction. Atkins is THE Craving Crusher.

It's real food. For real people.

I love that Atkins gives me a balanced weight loss plan and step-by-step guide to lose weight the right way and that it’s not a fad diet. Gorgeous proteins, veggies and healthy fats - eating close to the ground!

Atkins is based on some of the most tested and long term scientific data and research. As studies are published each year, we see more and more that controlled carb nutrition, truly is that Magic Bullet many of us have searched for our entire lives.

Atkins even provides a FREE Quick-Start Kit when you register to get started online. I downloaded the greatest Quick Start guide to the Atkins Diet. It gives me everything I need to succeed! Wahoooo!

Any time I need to, I go online and see my food lists. They even have a carb counter available. And I downloaded a PDF of information after I registered. It’s a handy printable guide chock full of info on the downlow – donchaknow. (Ha! Ok, I’ll stop being a poet and stop gushing!)

Basically, the Quick-Start Kit contains everything you need to transform your diet into a better way of eating. And guess where that better way of eating will eventually lead you?? Hmmm? Yep, you follow Atkins as if your life depends on it, and I can tell ya – you’re goin’ straight to health! Straight. To. Health. Mark my words.

Click image to enlarge.
 The online community at offers tools, resources, meal plans, tips and ADVICE – all for free for registered community members. As we say out in the rice fields in Texas, “You can’t beat that with a stick!”

Hey did ya hear me? Free ADVICE! I can still remember how many questions I had the first time I followed Atkins Induction. Atkins has always been a straight forward eating plan, but you know, as a newbie with anything, the anxiety follows as you try to make sure you’re “getting it right.”

Thank you Dr. Atkins. Thank you Drs. Westman, Phinney, and Volek! Muchas gracias! My blood sugar, fasting insulin level, cholesterol, blood pressure, and waist size all say, “Thanks!”

Don't forget to like Atkins on facebook and Twitter!!

(Disclaimer: No one coerced me to write this post. The post reflects my own ramblings and gushing beliefs and if I didn't "feel" it, I wouldn't write it. So yeah, they're donating two books. But you know what? I could go out and buy them myself. No big deal. The books are cheap, frankly. Even on my tiny non-existent budget after breast cancer, I did afford and buy my own copy. So I have no horse ('cept my ass) in this show.)

Oh and before I forget! I will be back later tonight or early tomorrow to post yesterday’s Totals and Menus.


  1. What is that in the lower right corner of your first food picture?

    1. That's a Chicken, Spinach and Feta sausage we get from HEB, here in Houston. I think Applegate Farms has some too as do Sam's and Costco?

      Pretty tastey!


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