Saturday, April 28, 2012

Low Carb Pizza - Revolution Style

Day 11 – 2Week Induction

Day 11 Menus and Totals

2 Poached Eggs
1 c Zucchini Ribbon Salad with Feta Mint Cucumbers
3 c Decaf Coffee, black, unsweetened

(Note: This day is mostly about creative re-purposing of leftovers. It's why I always cook for 4, when there's only 2. That way, I know with reasonable assurance, I can whip a meal together in a much shorter amount of time than if I had to make each thing from scratch, on the fly.)


2 c Mixed Salad
Half Blue Cheese Juicy Loosey

(Note: Yep, it's the other half of my Juicy Loosey from Day 10 Dinner. I put it with a salad and slapped a little dressing to that bad boy.)

2 Pizza Flatbreads
Mixed Salad with WF Balsamic Zero Cal Dressing

(Note: Leftover Revolution Flatbreads, melba toasted and topped with cheese and frozen Roasted Veggie Marinara. I see I left it out of the totals. Will have to correct that tomorrow.)

Daily Totals

Click on image to enlarge.

Poopy Report
Weight - 230.8lbs (Post)
FBG – Out of Strips Still
Pain – 6
Mood – 7 (Pretty tired of the pain and no sleep)
Walking – No

SusieT's Notes -
I promise that I will work on getting recipes for many of these menu items posted in the coming weeks. Please don't get frustrated. I underestimated how difficult it is to make daily posts as well as develop recipes, as well as blog about the recipes. Then there is the time and energy involved in taking photos, organizing them, editing them and posting them.

I will be glad when my 2 week committment to Induction is up, because it means I can resume a slightly less hectic blog post schedule. Instead of one or two posts a day, I can resume posting 3 or so times a week. Heck, I don't even know if these posts help anyone!! Maybe it's just all self-indulgent Texas bull****?

Sorry everyone (all 2 of you reading). I'm having a bit of a pity party for myself. Yet, I'm so extremely blessed! Today is getting me down. Even though I’m blessed to be finished with treatments, and blessed to be dating NED (No Evidence of Disease) as of today, I underestimated the reserves of strength it takes to recover. I underestimated the amount of ongoing pain that continues even though treatment is over and the cancer is gone.

Today is a hard day. Nothin’ more to say.

Like Lloyd Bridges said in Airplane, "I picked the wrong day to give up sniffin' glue."


  1. The pizza looks interesting. Is the flatbread something you have made or purchased?

    1. Hi Lena, the flatbread is a "flatbread" I made from the basic Revolution Roll recipe here on the site. I use a silpat silicone liner and spread out the Revolution Batter to 1/8" thickness. Bake it at 325* for 10 minutes. Take it out and let it rest for 2 minutes. Then gently work spatula around it to free it. You flip it and bake it another 2 minutes.

      That makes the wrap. When I made the pizza. I had some of those in the fridge. I was going to make lasagne with them but no time. So I put them in the oven on 250* and let them dry out and melba. I also sprayed a bit of olive oil on them. They turned slightly golden and got crisp enough I could hold the pizza in my hand!

      Totally Induction Friendly! I'm going to write the recipe out next week!


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